YouTube Music Now Works With Sonos Speakers


If you have a Sonos speaker, you can now listen to YouTube music through it. That is, if you subscribe to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium. This gives the fans of the Sonos speakers another music streaming service to consider using.

What Is YouTube Music Anyway?

As music streaming services, YouTube Music is the new kid in the crowded block. In May 2018, Google launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Google launches YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Google launches YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Google has launched two new services: YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Except that they are not really new. This is more of a brand change exercise for YouTube Red and Google Play Music.
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. The first offers YouTube-centric music streaming, and the latter replaces YouTube Red.

What sets YouTube music apart from the competition is the responsibility of music videos. However, a YouTube Music Premium purchases access to a single audio mode (as well as listening and downloads without advertising). Putting it a little on par with Spotify and Apple Music.

Using YouTube music on the Sonos speaker

Now, as detailed in the Official YouTube Blog, YouTube Music is available for Sonos speakers. Essentially, this means that anyone with a subscription to YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium can now listen to YouTube Music through their Sonos speaker.

The YouTube Music features available through the Sonos application include:

  • Recommended ] that presents "Listening suggestions based on your favorites".
  • New releases composed of "the freshest music specifically designed for your tastes".
  • YouTube Graphics which is "the best way to see what's hot" in music right now. "
  • Your Mixtape containing" your favorite and new songs that we believe you you will love it. "
  • Library containing" your playlists, albums and saved songs. "[19659020] YouTube Music is available on Sonos in all countries where YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are available. follow the instructions on this page to set up YouTube Music in the Sonos app, everyone else can subscribe to a free 30-day trial.

    Helping YouTube Music Compete

    YouTube Music can not compete with Spotify and Apple Music in As for the number of subscribers, however, with the power of Google behind it, plus the focus on the videos, we would not bet against it to get a sizable portion of the market.

    As for Sonos, we are big fans of the speakers, with our Sonos One Review

    Sonos One Review: Is this the intelligent speaker to govern them all?

    Review of Sonos One: Is this the only intelligent speaker who governs them all?

    Sonos and Alexa, in a single device. Thanks to the superior sound quality, it is the best Echo device so far, and with Google Assistant support promised soon, it is the only speaker who governs them all.
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    suggesting that this is "the only intelligent speaker who governs them all". Which, with the brilliant speakers of Amazon Echo and Google Home also available to buy, is a great compliment.

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