You Can Now Stream Tidal Music Directly From Plex


Plex and Tidal have partnered to bring the music streaming service to the media center application. Tidal subscribers will find Tidal's entire catalog, including videos and podcasts, integrated into the Plex application and along with its existing music library.

For the uninitiated, Tidal is the music streaming service that we suggest was doomed

Jay Z's Tidal Music Streaming service is doomed

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when it was launched in 2015. And yet, it remains strong. In 2017, Tidal tried to appeal to audiophiles

Tidal Ups Ups the Ante to appeal to audiophiles

Tidal raises the ante to appeal to audiophiles

Not content with simply offering high-fidelity audio, now Tidal is adding what he calls "master-quality recordings". But is this enough to tempt people to subscribe to Tidal?
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. And partnering with Plex is his latest attempt to win new fans.

Plex Partners With Tidal

This association means that Tidal is the first streaming music streaming service that is integrated into Plex without the need for a complement. If you are a Tidal subscriber, there will be 60 million songs, plus 250,000 music videos, along with your own multimedia files.

Strict integration means that Tidal users will now see artist recommendations, new recommendations for albums and albums that are missing from your collection. Radio and Plex artist playlists will also include Tidal tracks in the mix.

You can try Tidal for free for 30 days. And, as explained in the Plex Blog, if you like what you see (and listen to) you can buy a Plex and Tidal package. Plex and Tidal Premium will cost you $ 9.99 / month. While Plex Pass and Tidal HiFi will cost you $ 19.99 / month.

Forget about Kanye West

For Tidal subscribers who already use Plex, this is not a truism. And there are likely to be Tidal users who review Plex as a result of this association, and vice versa. The rest of us will have to pass ahead of Tidal's release with Kanye West et al.

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. And if you're not a Plex fan, there's always Emby

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. For those who are moving forward, Plex recently added free on-demand web programs

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as well as additional podcasts and customization options

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