You Can Now Set a Delay in Alexa Routines

Alexa routines are a great way to automate all kinds of actions in the house at once, but thanks to a much-requested new feature, you can now add a delay to certain actions in those routines.

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The new function is called Wait and allows you to add a timed delay to an entire Alexa Routine or only to a certain action within an Alexa Routine. 19659005] As an example, I could tell Alexa "Good morning" after waking up, which could then turn on the space heater in my home office. However, since I will use the bathroom and drink some coffee, I can add a delay so that the heater does not turn on until a few minutes have passed.

For this to happen, open Alexa. and create a new routine or edit an existing one. When you are adding an action, you can select "Wait" for the options. From there, choose a period of time (the minimum is one minute).

After that, organize the Wait action in the order you want it. Therefore, if you want the Alexa routine to be delayed. , add it as the first action in the list, but if you want the routine to perform instantaneous actions first and then delay other actions, place them in the middle of them.

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