Woman Invites Police Officer Who Once Arrested Her For Drugs To College Graduation

The things you experienced when you were a child and a teenager can hurt you. I'm not talking about the positive things that happen, obviously, that will shape your life for the better. But when horrible things happen to him, the way he goes out will determine the rest of his life. I'm not sure what I'm talking about? This moving story will put things more in perspective.

Lieutenant Jim Foster met with Tiffany Hall when he arrested her about five years ago on drug charges, reports ABC7. But it was not a simple act of completing the paperwork and calling it a day. No. Jim Foster used his time with Hall, who was a drug addict, to inspire her to find a new purpose in life. Essentially, Tiffany decided to change her life and very much thanks to Foster. She said at a press conference last week, where she met with the officer, "He would encourage me all the time."

She continued, saying, "He also told me: Tiffany, you can do better than this." Tiffany, why do not you try to go to school? Tiffany, why do not you paras? & # 39; " So, what was it that Tiffany made Hall want to help her? According to ABC news, it was his funny and friendly personality that stood out during their meetings. He noticed, "She was a unique personality, a lot of humor. She had a great story to tell and I noticed that she had a hard exterior but a soft interior."

Hall said at a press conference at the Long Beach Police Department headquarters: "I want to thank Lieutenant Jim Foster for his respect and his compassion and the empathy he showed to me and anyone he was with. Contact". The conference took place in California.

Hall knew he had to see the police officer who essentially changed his life. She appeared in this conference and gave him an invitation. It was an invitation to his graduation. Foster took the invitation and said the most moving words: "I would not miss him for the world." He also noted that success stories like Hall's are the reasons why he loves being a police officer.

He said: "The greatest joy of my professional career is, from time to time, to have contact with people who have found a way out of horrible circumstances and the success of life, things that many of us take for granted. to people who have a much rougher life story. " It really is amazing for people to have careers that go beyond paying their bills. It is the best feeling to have a career that makes other people feel good and change their lives.

Hall hopes to become a social worker to help others in their position to break out of their routine and succeed in life. Basically, she wants to pay it. Now she is completely focused and determined to succeed in her future. She tells ABC News: "I say to myself every day," Do not look back because there is nothing there, you have to keep looking forward ".

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