Woman Celebrates Losing 300 Pounds By Wearing The Same Outfits In Her Before-And-After Photos

Weight loss is never an easy trip. It takes a lot of courage, hard work and perseverance. From someone who has always struggled with his weight, I am always looking for resources, diets and places to inspire me. However, from time to time I stumble over a person who truly becomes my idol.

This is the case of a person named Lexi Reed of Indiana. On her Instagram account (@fatgirlfedup) Lexi has created a lot of inspiration around her own personal weight loss journey. A statement in the biography on his account says he has lost an amazing "312 pounds naturally for diet / exercise in 2 years!" Lexi's photos inspire a lot of motivation and inspiration when you look at them. In some of the photos of Lexi, she poses with her old clothes. You can see first-hand the dramatic transition from your initial weight to your current weight.

Her husband, Danny Reed, has also lost 95 pounds. On your Instagram account, @discoveringdanny, you can see photos of your own weight loss trip. Together, they both encourage and inspire each other to be happier and healthier people. This is exactly the kind of breath I needed on my own weight loss journey. In the summer of 2007, I weighed 307 lbs. In recent years, I have fought to keep encouraging me to shed this weight.

In recent years, I have managed to lower my weight to 257 lbs. However, after stumbling over Lexi Reed's Instagram account, I think I finally found the encouragement I needed to continue my own journey. According to her Instagram account, Lexi and Danny decided two years ago: "… established a New Year's Resolution that we had no idea would change our lives, together we are the proof that with a lot of work we can all recover our Lives! Do not wait for a new year, week or month, start today! "

This year, I set my own New Year Resolution to lose weight and, finally, I feel motivated. Lexi also has a YouTube channel also called FatGirlFedUp which has more than 30,000 subscribers. Some of his videos show that he inspires his fans, describing his trip to lose all his weight. Lexi explains in one of her videos: "What started as a resolution became a lifestyle", which is really the key to all this.

I need to make this my lifestyle too. I started running every two days, I've put in a strict diet plan, and I've made a goal of shedding 60 pounds by the end of 2018. I hope that anyone who feels they can use some motivation in their physical health to reconsider any option of poor lifestyle and put an extra effort to live happier and healthier lives like Lexi and Danny.

In Lexi's video, she says that "in one year I completely changed my life". I hope I can do the same. I entered a 5km marathon in October and I intend to get to a place where physical activity is a priority. I want it to become a part of my lifestyle.

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