Like any other popular social networking platform, instant messaging or news aggregation under the sun, WhatsApp has been having trouble keeping the spread of disinformation under control. To that end, the Facebook instant messaging service recently launched a feature that clearly separates the forwarded messages from those aimed specifically at you.

Well known and generally loved, even by their own, for its simplicity and convenience, WhatsApp needs to make more changes to stop the escalation of false news. But we probably do not have to worry about it, because the restrictions that are currently being tested around the world are simply aimed at keeping the service private and easy to use … for its basic purpose.

There are no new functions or complex tools in the pipeline. In contrast, the resubmission option will be limited in several ways. Starting soon, you will not be able to forward a text, photo or video to as many people as before. In India, where the popularity of WhatsApp is becoming uncontrollable, that limit will be five conversations, and media messages should also be removed from a fast-forward button that was apparently abused.

The second most populous country in the world has witnessed a horrible increase in mafia lynchings lately, with at least 25 people killed in the last two months due to rumors started and quickly distributed on the phones of many new users . As you can imagine, the details of these unfortunate events are chilling, but perhaps the next limits of forwarding WhatsApp can help stop the bloodshed. All planned changes will "continue" to be "evaluated" before they actually are implemented and deployed to the masses.