If you are one of the 1.5 billion users of WhatsApp in the world, you will know how important it is to support your messages. Google Drive backups are conveniently integrated into the application, but they have always occupied valuable bytes of your storage quota. As of this year, WhatsApp will partner with Google to make totally free backups.

Almost all my communication with friends and family goes through the platform, so the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlosing my chat history is uncomfortable. Fortunately, WhatsApp can be configured to automatically back up the data in the storage of your local device and Drive every night. If you ever lose your phone, you will be happy to have it stored securely on Google servers.

My backup is currently 2.8 GB, which is a substantial part of the 15 GB allocation that most people start with. As of November 12, 2018, your WhatsApp backup will no longer count against your Drive share.

One of our informants received an email from Google informing them of the news (top right), and the WhatsApp frequently asked questions also have a notice. As a result of the agreement, backup copies that have not been updated in more than a year will be deleted, so it is a good idea to make a manual backup before November, in case you are not configured to do it on your own. same. .

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