Weekend poll: Will you be buying a OnePlus 6?

OnePlus 6 sales opened on Tuesday, and our recent review of the company's latest flagship was generally positive, especially considering the affordable starting price of $ 529. Android enthusiasts tend to be One of the main customers of OnePlus, and they are also one of our largest audiences as readers. So, we ask ourselves, how many of you bought or plan to buy a OnePlus 6?

For certain customers, namely the fan root enthusiast and the ROM, OnePlus phones are usually their first and last stop, especially now. that other companies are stopping their own support for that. For that audience, OnePlus is basically the new Nexus. Even if other higher-end phones such as the Pixel 2/2 XL or the Galaxy S9 have better cameras and additional features such as IP ratings or better operator support, interest in them is totally out of the question for many because of the accessibility and ease of use. OnePlus navigation & # 39; products.

Right now you can get the OnePlus 6 in the color you want, as long as it's black. (You can also get a $ 20 discount on accessories with your purchase through our referral link if you wish). Unlike some previous releases, the stock for phones has remained constant for all versions except the black matte model of 8GB / 256GB.

have you already chosen one, or are you planning?

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