You probably know Vevo by his plastered name in all of YouTube's music videos, and luckily, that's how most people know it. Most likely, he did not know that he had mobile apps and a place for consumers. For that reason, Vevo is closing applications and the consumer site and refocusing on its bread and butter: YouTube.

The official announcement of Vevo's decision is more or less popular, with the main conclusion of it. "To be more effective in achieving those objectives, we will gradually eliminate the elements of our own and operated platforms." Variety clarified that this means that its applications for Android and iOS (and Windows Phone, but who cares), as well as its consumer-oriented website ( are closing. However, some smart TV applications will still be live for the time being.

For the few who used the Vevo site, the company will offer a tool to import their Vevo playlists to YouTube. With this new, even heavier focus on YouTube, Vevo should probably make sure his accounts are better protected.