The second preview of the Android P developer makes quite a few changes to the lock screen. We already talked about your weather display on the lock screen and the environmental screen, but it turns out that the next events are also displayed on the lock screen.

Google added the upcoming events to Pixel Launcher with the release of Pixel 2, but this is the first time we see it on the lock screen. Visually, it differs a bit from the implementation of Pixel Launcher; the time itself is still displayed over the name of the event, and instead of the text "in xx minutes", instead we get the exact time frame of when the event is scheduled to occur. You will also observe the weather in this screenshot.

So far, we have only received this advice from a reader, so we are not sure how widespread this test is. If you use the calendar and it is in the beta version of Android, let us know if you are seeing this on the lock screen (or on your environment screen).