Update Notes for the Google app, Google Pay, Google Fit, ARCore, and Lens (August 25, 2018)

Every week, I check somewhere about a hundred application updates as I look for changes. The most interesting things become APK Dismounts or Downloads. Many of the remaining updates are not remarkable, which translates into some bug fixes, routine updates to the libraries, or even pixel level adjustments in designs and images. However, there are usually some updates that land somewhere in between. I do not want to send spam to readers with dozens of short posts, but I hate to ignore things that people may want to know, so I'll summarize the leftovers to read a little over the weekend and call it Update Notes. [19659002] Special thanks to נתנאל מ for the great hero image in this post!

Google v8.18 beta application

As it is becoming tradition, an update of the Google application began to roll to the beta channel just in time for it to play with users over the weekend. As the updates come out, this may be the least broken I've seen in many months, therefore, the degradation to a place in the Update Notes instead of a dedicated post. So far there are no signs of changes in the live interface, and the dismantling only adds a couple of minor traces and what appears to be the reimplementation of a configuration screen.

New voice search configuration screen

There is a new design for what looks a lot like the voice search configuration screen. I describe it that way because the options are basically the same, but the way they are organized is a bit different and there are a couple of new options. In case you do not want to look it up on your own phone, here's what that screen looks like right now:

Instead of having someone read the XML design of the new screen, I'll spell the structure here – or just jump to the next part where I comment on the differences. Bold lines can be touched to open a different screen or toggle a setting, italic are summary text below a title and underline are Titles for the sections. [19659008] Language

  • Spoken results
    Opens a dialog box with options: All voice searches and Hands-free only .
  • Offline speech recognition
    Manage downloaded languages ​​
  • Hide offensive words
    Offensive words will be replaced with asterisks (*) in the search box
  • Good Google
    • "Ok Google" detection
      Opens the keyword setting
  • Handsfree
    • Voice search on Bluetooth devices
      Enables voice search when you have a connected Bluetooth headset
    • Bluetooth Headset
    • Wired Headphones
  • Obviously there is some difference between the current screen and the new one, but they are quite similar Arkansas. In addition to losing Voice Match's shortcut, which must remain accessible at the top level of the Google Assistant settings, everything on the current screen will also appear on the new screen, although possibly with a different name. The only noticeable change is the configuration of "offensive words" that are now obscured by asterisks instead of being completely blocked.

    The new version of the screen also presents some new configurations. Both can be found in the hands-free section at the bottom. The first one enables voice search through Bluetooth devices, which differs a bit from the existing option that "records audio" through Bluetooth devices if they are connected. The other addition is a wired headset switch, which is actually no different from the Bluetooth option, but of course it is technically less secure than wireless devices.

    < string name = " hands_free_category " > Without hands </ string >

    < string [19659026] name = " prefTitle_ttsMode_hub " > Results spoken </ string >
    < string name = " prefDialogTitle_ttsMode_hub " > Results spoken [19659029] </

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