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Lately there has been an exaggeration "¡13 CONFIMRATED !!!!!" in the community and I feel that I want to write some lines here to clarify things because this exaggeration seems, again, to move away limits and could end up in wrong expectations and frustration at some point.

TH13 … Yes …

True, City Hall 13 is approaching. Well, this really shouldn't come as a big surprise since TH10, TH11 and TH12 were presented to Clash of Clans after the game was initially launched in 2012 😉

So what happened that creates so much expectation now? [19659004] Looking back at the developer's previous video for the latest update, Supercell said that they don't want to have two and a half years between the launch of a new City Hall as if it were the case between City Hall 11 and City Hall 12.

They also said that intend to have 18 months between the launch of the new Town Hall level.

All this received a little less attention when it was released but then was picked up by Judo Sloth in a recent video that says City Hall 13 was confirmed.

Don't get me wrong, I really like its content and subscribed it on YouTube , but this video was, in my opinion, the exaggeration began for no reason: there was no new information published in any ointment.

Please! Note the words "do not want" and "point" those are words that do not confirm anything. "I want" to do dozens of things every day that I don't do at the end, so this is just an intention and reality will show in the end what the real-time schedule will be. I also saw people making videos and forum posts saying that TH13 will be in the winter update or confirmed for January, this is nothing to guess. Supercell does not know himself, so how should we expect anything?

Now let's talk about what Town Hall 13 will be and there is also a lot that will come into play here:

  1. Will there be a new hero? TH7 … TH9 … TH11 … but how will that change the game with 4 heroes?
  2. What about the Giga Tesla? Will they remove it and get another defense there? They said they did that so they didn't have to make the map even bigger, so could there be a new TH13 defense in Clan Castle? If so, how will this develop in TH14? Will there be a defense in the spell factory? 1965
  3. What theme will it be? City Hall 12 collected the electric theme of the hidden Teslas and that the original blue walls had before becoming the walls of Lava. There is currently no disconnected theme in the game, so something completely new must come up.

Supercell said before the release of Town Hall 12, that they don't want to launch a new level of Town Hall to get new levels of defenses and new troops and spells in the game, "they want to do something unique" … I remember that phrase from Darian very clearly because I always get angry when I think about it.

The "only" was just placing the defense on top of the City Hall and everything else was just new levels of everything … Siege Machines and everything else was introduced in his own updates, so I don't count that for City Hall 12.

The good thing about all this is that the game is constantly evolving if you look back 2-4 years when there was not much else to do to improve and make Clan Wars and Supercell understand that they need to do that to Keep the game attractive.

I am still waiting for what it will bring and I also like how they changed their communication and also how new content was introduced in the game in the last 1-2 years and I hope that the new City Council really is more than just a little bit of Archer Towers Level 22 combined with a defense on top of Clan Castle 1965

Sorry if I broke some high expectations with my personal opinion here, but maybe I can save some of you who feel frustrated at the end.

I am eager to discuss TH13 or anything else related to what is coming in Clash of Clans with you in the comments below 🙂

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