Top 50 VPN Android Apps 2018


(Last update: August 12, 2018)

Android VPN applications have become one of the best ways you can use to browse ISP sites blocked by the government in your country. You do not have to worry if your government has blocked social networking sites in your country because you can use the following VPN applications to unlock any social media site you want. My article is mainly for those looking to unblock websites on Android smartphones / tablets using the best Android VPN applications.

In this article, you will find Android VPN applications that are becoming very popular and people around the world are downloading VPNs. Applications to navigate anonymously and safely. These Android VPN applications care about your privacy and protect your anonymity online. These applications help you navigate anonymously and unblock websites blocked by the government’s ISP. If you are worried and can not access some websites due to government blocking problems, then do not worry, try the best Android VPN 2018 applications.

50 Android VPN Applications 2018

SuperVPN Free VPN Client

SuperVPN is a virtual private network (VPN), a client. The download is very light and requires very little processing capacity to function. With this VPN application, you can virtually surf the Internet without spyware. It has a lot of unique features, the best ones are the following:

  • Be anonymous and browse the net freely
  • You can unblock block sites based on regions
  • No registration required
  • No record limit the bandwidth and speed of your data connection
  • Easy to use with a single click connect
  • Works without root access
  • Frontline fast servers
  • is the most secure VPN application

Download SuperVPN Free VPN Client APK

VPN 360

VPN 360 is one of the best applications to browse any website without restrictions. This VPN application is one of the best VPN applications for Android available on Google Play that protects your online privacy and accesses all sites blocked by your government’s ISP (Internet service provider). It is a very popular VPN application in Iran and my friends love to use it. With VPN 360, you can perform online activities while surfing through a normal Internet connection safely and anonymously. Where I found VPN 360 VPN unlimited free proxy that protects our online activities, I make them completely anonymous. It gives control over the VPN tunnel of unrestricted access with the best performance in stability, anonymity, speed and security.

Download VPN 360

Turbo VPN – Free unlimited VPN

The Turbo VPN for Android application is the VPN at the moment. market in the Google game. That’s enough reason to download turbo VPN on your Android. It helps you not only surf the Internet anonymously, but you also do not have to register or register to get Turbo VPN services. It is completely free and the complete security package on the Internet.


  • Third best Android VPN app in 2018
  • Extremely fast one-touch secure connection
  • Stylish and easy-to-use user interface
  • Provides connectivity Stable and reliable internet
  • WiFi, 3g, and 4g capable

Download Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN APK

VPN Master-Free · Unlock · Proxy

VPN Master is a really powerful VPN client capable of Complete online protection against spyware. With this application, you can easily emulate a virtual location. Now connect to public WiFi without fear of a privacy leak. Browsing the Internet has never been so easy with this VPN client. This VPN Client application is very popular among the Chinese because it is one of the few applications capable of unlocking several blocked sites in regions such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Download VPN Master-Free · Unlock · Proxy APK

Proxy VPN Free of Hotspot Shield and Wi-Fi Security

Surf the Internet anywhere and anytime securely with the most used VPN Client in the world. world, that is, Hotspot Shield. Once popular among PC users, it has now improved its game by entering the world of mobile phones. It provides the same reliable service with reliable security against online threats. With this, you can surf the web anonymously from virtually anywhere on the planet. Hotspot Shield offers you the taste of the real freedom of spyware and online hackers. With this application, you are literally impossible to track.

  • Able to unlock geographically restricted content
  • Keep your online activities safe and not traceable by spyware
  • You have free and unlimited paid versions (you can decide which one you want to use)
  • Service and performance Unmatched Elite Frontline
  • Has the highest VPN coverage with the most countries available

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Free VPN Proxy and Wi-Fi Security APK

SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy

] Do you need a fast and reliable VPN client application for your mobile phone? Well, SpeedVPN is the right choice for you. SpeedVPN as its name implies is incredibly fast and very reliable. It is very light, therefore, it consumes less battery and it is an experience absolutely without delays. It has many features, the best of which are the following:

  • The ability to connect to multiple VPN locations around the world
  • AS its name suggests super-fast and easy to use
  • per session, can be connected for a duration of 180 minutes with the ability to reconnect each time
  • Ability to extend the duration of the session 60 minutes before the end of the session
  • Browse the network anonymously without tracking record
  • ] No registration or subscription required
  • Reliable speed and service

Download SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy APK

Super VPN – The best free proxy

Hide your online activities with just a touch of the screen. Super VPN is the most used VPN client among teenagers around the world. This is due to its ability to go through the firewall restriction of the school and the university with ease. It is also used by people who are not Americans to unlock Netflix in their region. Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • No time limit per session
  • No subscription required. It is absolutely free
  • It is not necessary to register
  • Session activity record was not saved
  • Elegant user interface with one touch connection
  • Choose your own locations
  • Total protection of the privacy

Download Super VPN – The best Free Proxy APK

VPN Master (FREE)

The best VPN mobile client ever created. It has all the premium features but it is absolutely free. You do not need a subscription or any type of registration to enjoy these unlimited premium features. With the VPN master application for Android, enjoy the Internet securely with the first line protection provided by this VPN client. VPN master is the application that should be used, literally, without negative comments. It has tons of premium features, such as unlimited session length and the ability to choose from over 20 countries around the world effortlessly.

VPN Master Download (FREE) APK

Free VPN – Betternet VPN Hotspot and Private Browser

It has never been so easy to hide your IP address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is only accredited to This application. Hide your location with a single touch and browse the web anonymously. This application also gives you the possibility to connect to any country in the world without restrictions on session length. If you want an application that provides complete online protection against spyware, this is the right and only option for your hands.

Download VPN Free – Betternet VPN Hotspot and private browser APK

WhatsVPN – An unlimited free VPN [19659006] WhatsVPN is the only VPN on the market that has passed the DNS leak test. This feat alone has given him great fame among many Internet users. It is very light, therefore, there is no excessive load on your mobile phone. Being light also gives you the possibility to work on any type of phone, regardless of your specifications. It has a very elegant user interface with minimalist design. This VPN client is completely free and does not require registration or subscription. It has an unlimited bandwidth so you can enjoy your surfing sessions without interruptions.

Download WhatsVPN – Unlimited Free VPN APK

VPN Monster – VPN unlimited proxy and free security

VPN Monster is a VPN with absolutely monstrous features. Now you can surf the web without any paranoia. It has made the lives of many of its users much easier than before due to its strict privacy protocols. Not only does it provide premium features with robust online protection, it is also absolutely free of costs and is not subject to any type of registration requirement. Simply install this application and connect to any server around the world in a matter of seconds.

Download Monster VPN – Unlimited VPN Proxy and Free Security


Just like your name You can protect your online identity with a single click. This super fast VPN is not only easy to use but also very light on the phone’s ram. These features give your users an incredibly fast experience. It has an elegant user interface that is minimalist, which makes it very easy to use. You must ask yourself if there is any price for all these characteristics? Rest assured that this application is free and does not require registration or any type of subscription. All you need is a touch.

Download the free VPN proxy using Snap VPN APK

Private VPN

It does not matter where you are or what you do with a private VPN. This VPN is unique in its class when it comes to providing online security. Navigate the world online without any threat or anything. Just a touch and you are safer than most banks. It does not require anything from its users. There is no registration or credit card information. It is extremely fast with no speed limits. More than 30 countries to choose from. Download torrents anonymously. Extremely minimalist and elegant user interface.

Download VPN Private APK

Best VPN – Free unlimited VPN

Very few applications are described accurately by name only. Best VPN is one of those very few applications. It not only has the best servers, but also the best speed and the best countries to choose from. Basically, everything about this VPN client is absolutely the best on the market. It has all the best features at no cost. It also does not require any type of registration or credit card information. It has an elegant user interface that is easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

Download Best VPN – Free Unlimited VPN APK

Free FlashVPN Proxy VPN

FlashVPN provides one-touch security to your internet. With just one flash, you can enter the world of elite online security from spyware and hackers. It has a lot of unique features that make the user experience so incredible. Many of the important features are the following:

  • Connect with a simple touch
  • Several premium country locations to choose from
  • Avoid geographic restrictions
  • Unlimited connection time
  • Complete online protection
  • No root needed

Download FlashVPN Free VPN Proxy APK

Free VPN

Get all the VPN premium features for free with free VPN. Unlike other free VPN clients, it has many more features to offer. Choose from over 30 countries, all you need is a single touch. It has a pleasantly minimalist user interface that is exceptionally fast and error-free. Surf the web anonymously without fear of hackers or spyware. It gives you total freedom on the web. Incredible features include:

  • Omit regional firewall
  • Browse all your favorite websites anonymously
  • 100% privacy protection
  • Absolutely no cost and no registration required

Download Free VPN APK

VPN – Hello Free VPN

Hello gives you the ability to download your favorite torrents anonymously without any tracking record. The complete online privacy is Goal number 1 of Holas. In addition to all these great features, Hello is absolutely free without registration. Just a touch and you are in a completely new world of freedom. The most important functions of this application are as follows:

  • Unlock all blocked sites in regions around the world
  • Completely anonymous and secure web browsing experience
  • Free and without registration
  • Change the connection between countries easily
  • Reduces data costs

Download VPN – Hello Free VPN APK

Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN

The Opera web browser, known for its reliability and elegant user experience, now it presents its newest innovation, that is, Opera VPN. Opera VPN, as the Opera browser, is extremely reliable and the premium VPN application with a lot of functions for its users. Get a variety of different countries to choose from and to top it off, this application is absolutely free. Some of its incredible functions are the following:

  • Fast and reliable VPN client application
  • Ignore the blocking of the region through virtual locations
  • Has the ability to assess network security
  • Ad Tracker controls what you see

Download Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN APK

Psiphon Pro – Internet Freedom VPN

Psiphon Pro is a first class application for VPN clients that provides maximum web security to your customers. users It is the best VPN client for those users who want something light, reliable, fast and effective. Use this application to unlock all blocked sites in the region and you can also bypass the firewall security of schools and universities. Therefore, you can enjoy browsing your favorite sites at any time and anywhere without restrictions on anything. The best thing about this application is that it does not require any type of registration and is free.

Download Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN APK

Ultrasurf (beta) – Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

Ultrasurf is a mandatory download for you if you want to hide your IP address effectively. It is the most downloaded VPN in the world with the most satisfied customers. It is generally used to hide the IP address and other user location information of various online threats. If you want to surf the web safely, this is the best option for you. It’s fast, free and does not require registration. It has an easy-to-use user interface.

Download Ultrasurf (beta) – Unlimited VPN Proxy Free APK


Unlock all your favorite sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. With this application. It is the most used VPN client in China for its ability to unlock all US content with ease. It has unlimited bandwidth, so you can use it to download a large amount of torrent without any problem. It’s free and you do not need to register. It has a friendly user interface that is very easy to understand and use.

Download USA VPN APK


Like its name, it gives you total freedom online with just a touch of your finger. It is a premium application that provides 6 GB of free data to its users. You can subscribe and buy more data if you are interested in additional services. It provides an ad-free experience with an incredible user interface and super-fast speed. There are no limits to your web browsing speed. It is extremely lightweight and does not hang up the phone, no matter what the model of the phone is.

Download TapVPN Free VPN APK

Hello VPN – Free unlimited proxy, VPN Hotspot

Hello VPN provides High Speed ​​web browsing with maximum security. With this VPN the internet speed is hardly affected. Therefore, it is used for online games and torrent downloads.

  • High speed web browsing with unlimited bandwidth
  • It is the fastest web browsing VPN on the market
  • It is very easy and easy to use
  • It has an elegant and minimalist user interface that provides an experience without complications.
  • Very reliable and stable.

Download Hi VPN – Free unlimited proxy, Hotspot VPN APK

ExpressVPN – The best VPN for Android

ExpressVPN offers a fast way to fast and fast web browsing This is how your name sounds. It is one of the very few VPN client applications that provide fast lightning speed during use, with no delays at all. It is very light and easy to download. Its light size gives it an advantage in the smooth user interface. These characteristics give a general elegant experience to the users. It has locations for more than 90 countries with more than 120 connections each. It also provides 24 hours of customer service, live chat and email.

Download ExpressVPN: the best Android VPN APK


VPN Master is, in fact, the master of all VPN client services when it comes to providing unlimited bandwidth and ultra web browsing speeds fast It’s free and easy to use with good network stability. It also provides the best protection against online threats. It has multiple locations serves for most countries. It’s free and you do not need to register. It has an elegant user interface that is soft and minimalist.


VPN Easy – The best free proxy

VPN Easy is one of the most minimalist and easy-to-use VPNs on the market. With this VPN you can protect your privacy and unlock regional sites with just a touch. It has a very easy to use minimalist design that even a child can use it. It offers exceptionally fast network browsing speed without losing the quality of online protection from hackers and spyware. It’s free and does not require registration. This application also shows minimal ads. Therefore, it is a comfortable experience for the user.

Download VPN Easy – The best free proxy proxy APK

VPN Master – Free VPN Proxy

Free VPN Master is an extremely reliable VPN client present in the Android Games store. It has a variety of countries to choose from with more than 150 connections. It gives a free experience of delay to its users. It’s free and easy to use, all it requires is a single touch. Does not require registration or credit card information . The VPN application is very stable. It also provides a constant and fast connection to the servers.

Download VPN Master – VPN Proxy Free APK

Free VPN

It is one of the most secure VPN applications on the market. Provide instant access to your services with just one touch. Now you can unlock any blocked region around the world very easily. Skip the Internet firewalls of the university and the school and enjoy your favorite sites like YouTube and Facebook. All these functions and many more are absolutely free and you do not need to register. It has unlimited bandwidth and fast lightning speed.

Download VPN Free APK

Robot VPN-Free Unlimited VPN Proxy and WiFi Security

The VON robot is a simple von client service that is absolutely free and easy to use. It has very stable servers and very fast capabilities to surf the internet. With just one touch, you can make your online world much safer and protected against hackers and spyware. It does not require registration and has minimal announcements. It also provides users with unlimited speed and bandwidth. You can bypass firewalls and enjoy your favorite content in schools and colleges. You can also enjoy your blocked sites of the favorite region.

Download VPN Robot-Free Unlimited VPN Proxy & WiFi Security APK

Yoga VPN – Free Unlimited & Secure Proxy & Unblock

Yoga VPN has the most virtual servers and servers. locations around the world. It has very stable and fast servers and is completely reliable. It is completely free and does not require registration or subscription. All you need is a simple touch of your fingers and is ready to use. It has a very elegant and easy-to-use user interface. With this application, you can surf the web anonymously without fear of hackers or spyware.

Download Yoga VPN – Free Unlimited and Secure Proxy and Unlock APK

Hideman VPN

The best VPN client application if you need privacy online Browse the web anonymously and securely with this application . There is no tracking record of the session. It’s free and does not require registration. There is a wide variety of applications to choose from. The connections are stable and fast. The user interface of this application is very easy to use and is not so messy. It has a small size, therefore, very fast loading time and transition screens. Just a touch and you’re anonymous.

Download Hideman VPN APK

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is the oldest VPN application in the Android Play Store. It is a premium VPN application, but provides users with free monthly data. It requires registration, but it is worth it because this is one of the few applications in the store that give the blow for the money. Spending money on the subscription is totally valuable compared to the services it provides. It has a fantastic tunnel as a user interface. When you initiate the VPN connection, bear stars are buried through the tunnel. It’s these little things that make applications special.

Download TunnelBear VPN APK

ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN is a professional VPN application used mainly by office workers for its reliability and ease. It also has a chrome extension that is as good as the Android application. Connect to the VPN with a single touch. You can choose from a variety of premium servers to connect. It has minimal ads displayed and has an exceptionally fast user interface and no delays. It offers peace of mind to its users when it comes to online security and defense against online threats.

Download ZenMate VPN APK

CM Security Open VPN: free and fast proxy

CM Security VPN offers premium features for VPN clients Without any cost or registration. You can only open the application and use it without registering with just a touch of your finger. It offers total online privacy and freedom from hackers and spyware. You can use this application without any record of your previous sessions. The user interface is simple and easy to use. It has unlimited bandwidth and connection time. Now browse through all blocked websites with free premium features.

Download CM Security Open VPN – Free, unlimited proxy and fast APK

Amaze VPN (Free VPN Proxy)

Amaze VPN popular for its exceptional speed and its incredible protection against online threats. It is free and does not require registration or any type of subscription. One touch is all that is required to use this application. Amaze VPN has unlimited bandwidth and connectivity time per session. The user interface is beautifully designed and free of delays. All these features make Amaze VPN a premium VPN application. There is a wide range of countries to choose from and with more than 100 connections per region. Highly reliable and stable servers.

Download Amaze VPN (Free VPN Problem) APK


BPN VPN is used mainly by professionals to surf the web anonymously. It provides protection against spyware and hackers and is a very effective defense against such threats. It can be used to download torrents and is one of the applications most used by students to avoid firewalls in schools and colleges. You can also unlock almost all the blocked sites in the region. This application offers all these functions and much more without cost, without subscription charges. Does not require registration. Records from previous sessions are not saved.

Download BPN VPN APK

LinkVPN Proxy Free VPN

LinkVPN connects you to a world of secure web browsing with complete privacy. Now you can browse the web without tracking record. It has a variety of reliable and high-speed servers to choose from. It has a very smooth user interface that is very easy to use. It is the best option for those who wish to download torrents and unblock restricted region websites such as YouTube and Facebook. It’s free, you do not need to register or register.

Download LinkVPN APK VPN Proxy

Super VPN

A high quality VPN client application with the best features of the elite line. Connect to any country in the world with ease. Choose from a list of more than 120 countries with 150 connections. It has a very small size, so it is not taxing with the ram and the battery. A super fast and elegant user interface with minimalist design. Trusted to provide complete online protection against spyware. Last but not least, it is free and does not require registration.

Download the Super VPN APK

AppVPN – Free unlimited VPN

AppVPN is a free Android VPN application that differs from other applications by providing premium line features at no cost. It provides its users with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited session time per connection. It has minimal ads and provides a smooth user interface that is enhanced by its beautiful design. There are no data restrictions. It has a large number of active servers that do it fast and without problems. There is a live support team 24 hours a day in case of any inconvenience.

Download AppVPN – Unlimited Free VPN APK

Thunder VPN – A fast, unlimited and free VPN

Thunder VPN is a super-fast VPN application with lightning web browsing speed. It is completely free of delays and connections are made very easily and quickly. Therefore, it is more popular among office workers. It is not necessary to register or register. The tracking record from the previous session is never stored, which guarantees complete privacy with maximum protection against spyware and hackers. It has a small size that makes it compatible with almost all Android devices. It has a large number of servers, one of the main reasons why this application can provide a high connection speed.

Download Thunder VPN – A free, unlimited, fast VPN proxy

HexaTech Proxy Free VPN: Unlock sites anonymously [19659006] HexaTech VPN rose to fame due to its ability to effectively unblock blocked sites from the region easily and with just one touch. It’s absolutely free with minimal ads. User interface without problems that is easy to use because it is not messy, unlike other applications. This VPN application gives access to all blocked websites, without going through the blocking of the region. It gives very high download speeds when used with torrents. Skip all restrictions at school and university.

Download the HexaTech Free VPN Proxy: Unblock sites anonymously. APK

GO VPN Free · unlimed · proxy

GO VPN allows you to surf the web anywhere, anytime. It can connect very quickly and easily without unnecessary delays. No registration requires only install and use with one touch. It’s free with minimal ads. Es la VPN más segura que existe. Puede cifrar toda la información en línea cuando navega por la web. Proporciona la mayor cobertura a un gran número de países con más de 150 conexiones de servidor. La interfaz de usuario fácil de usar y minimalista hace que todo sea mucho más divertido.

Descargue GO VPN gratis · sin límites · proxy APK

VPN de Browsec – VPN ilimitada y gratuita

La VPN de Browsec hace que su experiencia de navegación web sea más segura. toque. A pesar de que parece mínimo, tiene un montón de características premium que ninguna otra aplicación tiene. En primer lugar, es gratuito y no tiene que registrarse o registrarse, lo que significa que no tiene que renunciar a su tarjeta de crédito ni a ninguna otra información. De esta manera, es completamente seguro y seguro. Le brinda la posibilidad de elegir entre una gran cantidad de países en todo el mundo. Una vez conectado, puedes hacer la transición entre servidores fácilmente.

Descarga Browsec VPN – Free and Unlimited VPN APK

CyberGhost VPN

Navega en la web de forma anónima como un fantasma invisible para otros con la aplicación CyberGhost VPN para teléfonos inteligentes Android. Protege su uso de datos, por lo tanto, ahorra dinero mientras que no requiere ningún tipo de tarifa. Tampoco requiere registro. Se utiliza principalmente para torrents a una velocidad de descarga muy alta. Tiene una interfaz de usuario muy amigable y fácil de usar. Proteger su privacidad en línea de hackers y spyware es su prioridad número uno. Tiene un ancho de banda ilimitado.

Descarga CyberGhost VPN APK

MoonVPN VPN gratis Desbloquear Proxy

MoonVPN es una aplicación VPN gratuita verdaderamente ilimitada para teléfonos inteligentes Android. Proporciona una gran cantidad de características nuevas y únicas para sus usuarios. Es totalmente gratuito y no se requiere registro de ningún tipo. Conéctese con facilidad a servidores de todo el mundo. Todos los servidores son super rápidos y confiables. Da a sus usuarios una gran velocidad de torrenteo. Omita cualquier firewall en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento para disfrutar de sus sitios web favoritos en línea. Si tiene algún tipo de inconveniente, siempre puede ponerse en contacto con el centro de asistencia que está activo las 24 horas.

Descargar MoonVPN Gratis VPN Desbloquear Proxy APK

VPN GRATIS – Invisible en línea

Como su nombre lo indica es absolutamente gratis Aplicación de servicio VPN. No significa que no tenga nada que ofrecer. De hecho, tiene un gran número de características únicas y actualizadas. Cuenta con servidores súper rápidos y estables. Cambiar entre servidores es muy fácil. Proporciona una interfaz de usuario minimalista que es fácil de usar. Simplemente abra la aplicación un toque y estará listo para navegar anónimamente en la web con la máxima privacidad.

Descarga VPN GRATIS – APK en línea invisible

SurfEasy VPN seguro para Android

Con SurfEasy Android VPN, puedes navegar fácilmente por la red con total privacidad y ser totalmente anónimo. No tiene que preocuparse por ningún tipo de amenazas en línea con esta aplicación. No requiere información de registro o tarjeta de crédito y es totalmente gratuito. Tiene un ancho de banda ilimitado y no hay límites en la velocidad. Proporciona a los usuarios una interfaz de usuario minimalista que es simple pero efectiva para hacer su trabajo. Cuenta con atención al cliente en vivo las 24 horas.

Descarga SurfEasy Secure Android VPN APK

Solo VPN – Proxy de un solo toque

Solo VPN es una aplicación VPN única en su tipo que se destaca en su propia clase. Es muy fácil de usar y tiene una interfaz de usuario sin demoras. Con tales aplicaciones VPN de Android, es muy seguro y los registros de sesión no se guardan. Proporciona navegación web anónima y protege contra todo tipo de spyware y hackers. Con esta aplicación, uno puede estar seguro de una completa protección en línea contra amenazas de todo tipo. Cuenta con servicio de atención al cliente en vivo las 24 horas. If you want a secure online web surfing experience then this is the right app for you.

Download Solo VPN – One Tap Free Proxy APK

Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom

Rocket VPN is a premium VPN app which gives the user 250 MB free data when first installed. It requires a subscription and a registration but it is all worth it. Rocket VPN provides a smooth web surfing experience with defense against all sorts of online threats such as spyware, malware, and hackers. The tracking data for the session is never saved hence it is completely secure. It has reliable and fast servers you can transition easily. It has a smooth user interface which is classy and unique.

Download Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom APK

SumRando VPN

SumRando is a top of the line VPN which gives you a peace of mind while you surf the web. It has top-notch encryption and an extremely effective online protection against all sorts of threats such as spyware, malware, and hackers. Now surf the web anonymously without any track record. There is a wide range of countries to choose from. The servers are stable and fast. It is a premium VPN and requires a subscription as well as a registration. This app also provides the users with a 24 hours customer support service.

Download SumRando VPN APK

DroidVPN – Android VPN

DroidVPN is a simple and lightweight Android VPN app. Its small size permits it to work on all android phones without any lags or delays in connection. You can connect a number of countries from around the globe with more than 100 different connections. Surf the web like a ghost with the top of the line encryption. No need to worry when surfing the web as there are no session logs stored. It has a minimalistic yet effective user interface.

Download DroidVPN – Android VPN APK

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