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Working as a developer and building a project from scratch can often mean there are many things to do at the same time, but more importantly, the projects we are building (especially web applications and web software) will also continue. integrate innumerable aspects of modern web development; analysis, data of dynamic forms, elements UI and UX, and much more. And to avoid the hassle of having to create your own administration panel, we can rely on the prefabricated administration panel templates that provide us with all the necessary templates and functions that we just need to code in our project to work properly. . This gives us the opportunity to create a dynamic web project and gradually integrate a preexisting administration panel template for our own convenience.

While using a free analysis panel such as Google Analytics can be useful to understand users, which is more important when you run an application, the business is to understand your own real product. This is one of the areas that the administration panels provide a lot of flexibility. Setting and monitoring the most interesting aspects of your product with a dashboard can be an excellent way to know the usability and extensibility of your products. With a modern management dashboard, the website owner (platform) can easily track orders and their success rate, track social metrics, such as the most recommended social networking sites and their appropriate URLs. He or she can also control sales statements and growth periods to better understand what makes users use.

Certainly, it is true that tracking such depth statistics about your product is useful. But other interesting features of a management dashboard include the ability to chat with other moderators and site administrators. You can configure tasks that must be carried out, which can be divided among all those that help maintain the site. With this, comes the ability to work directly with elements such as the UX and UI elements of your site: add them, delete them and edit them. Create editors of specific forms that can be used to create new forms in minutes, instead of doing strenuous work from scratch. Take your skills to the next level and integrate a jQuery or third-party JavaScript library into your administration dashboard to take advantage of external add-ons directly from a single user interface.

You can also use the administration panel to directly edit the content of the sites, to populate the content of the sites, and to manage the visual content as well. There is so much that can enter a management board that we have to decide for ourselves what are the main characteristics for the needs of our sites. With so many approaches already discussed, let's delve into our list of free HTML5 admin panel templates and see what we have available to download immediately.

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Administrator (Top Pick)

The administrator is by far the best free administration template available in the market. If we could say it's a game-changer, it would be a massive understatement because he's playing a new game for himself. Period. Based on Bootstrap 4 packages of the latest and best tools for the development of web applications easier as nothing you have seen posted for free. By free we mean FREE for commercial and private use. How great is that? Enjoy it and tell us what you think in the comments section below. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. More information / Download

Sufee (Trend)

Sufee is our laters administrator template that includes the latest technology and a beautiful and well designed design. More information / Download

ElaAdmin is a clean and beautiful administration panel based on Bootstrap 4 ready to impress its users. You can freely use this template and the developers licensed it under the MIT license. It also comes with a lot of usable libraries that compete with every top offer that exists.

More information / Download


It goes without saying that CoolAdmin is a great free management template that will make you and your application exceptionally good. There is no need to search elsewhere if you are looking for a simple, orderly and sophisticated template to create top-level administrators. Despite the free part, CoolAdmin is even more on the premium side than the free one. It is loaded with incredible features and resources that help you save time and energy, for a fast and efficient launch of your dashboard.

CoolAdmin is a tool based on Bootstrap 4 with four different board variations and numerous custom pages, graphics, widgets and other components and practical elements. You will have a lot of fun doing things on the web with your newly configured administrator and you will have your entire Internet presence under full control. Act now and prosper.

More information / Download


Metis – Free bootstrap administration template

  metis-free -bootstrap-admin-dashboard-template

With Metis, you get a simple, solid, carefully designed and advanced free HTML5 admin panel template. This tool is powerful enough that you can use it with a wide range of different applications and services that you are working on passionately. You do not need to do your thing from scratch when you have the content at your fingertips, ready for you to use it. And you can also adjust Metis and improve it where you see it as a necessity. A ton of components, forms, tables, Google Maps, charts and calendars to name a few, are some of the features and assets that all Metis users have access to.
More information / Download Preview


  coreui free html5 admin panel template

CoreUI is a panel template of free HTML5 administration complete with a stack full of features and resources. If you are in the process of creating a web application, CoreUI is the tool based on Bootstrap 4 that you should consult and study further. The best thing is that the amazing CoreUI is compatible with all the main and most popular frames to give you the freedom you deserve. It is fully responsive and compatible with modern web browsers to operate without interruption all the time.

In the package, you will find more than fifty user interface components ready to use and easy to customize. You no longer have to do things by yourself when you have a large selection of things at your service. You can also choose between a dark and a light design and start to improve it with the necessary content from there. Multiple colors, several additional pages and a collection of widgets are there, waiting for you to use them.

More information / Download

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

  light bootstrap free html5 admin dashboard template

Filling simplicity and beauty, Light is a remarkable panel of free HTML5 model management. It is a tool with Bootstrap 3 engine which gives it much needed flexibility and extensibility. The light is configured in a way that is very friendly for beginners so that everyone can use it to its full potential. You can take advantage of this with the original version or, of course, you can also modify Light as it suits your web application.

You can use Light for all kinds of different online projects, such as CMS, CRM, application back-ends and as a project management system. Have your entire presence online under total control to know how to modify it and make it grow up to a new title. The web design is carefully thought out, making sure that it includes all the needs and a good amount of other things for your convenience.

More information / Download

Paper board

  Free paper html5 administration board

If you are looking for something clean, simple, contemporary, but powerful, you should clearly take a look at Paper Dashboard. It is a free HTML5 management board template with a neat and orderly web design that will arouse everyone's interest. Although Paper Dashboard tries to keep everything to a minimum, it still offers a large set of cards, assets and graphics. Paper Dashboard follows all the latest web trends and regulations to ensure that your board will stand the test of time.

You can select between dark and light sidebar background colors, as well as five different active sidebar colors. In addition, you can use sixteen hand-made components, four add-ons and four sample pages and have a fully active administrator working quickly. You can always make your personal journey in Paper Dashboard and adjust it to your brand needs.

More information / Download

Star Admin

  star admin template html5 dashboard

With a total vision of your project, you can have your web space under full control . It is definitely crucial to be in such a situation if you want to scale, do split tests and other additional features and increase your web application to a whole new level. With Star Admin, achieving all of the above is very possible. This free HTML5 admin panel template has everything you need in the kit, ready for everything to work in the web space.

Star Admin is a Bootstrap template with a mobile design and ready for the retina that works without problems on all devices. It is also in tune with all major web browsers and is compatible with RTL languages. The tool is equipped with a wide range of practical and very useful widgets, excellent graphics and several sample pages. And if you ever think you need more, you can always update Star Admin and be professional.

More information / Download

Monarch (Premium)

  monarch-minimal-anfular-admin-template [19659040] monarch-minimal-anfular-admin-template "width =" 1200 "height =" 871 "srcset = " -anfular-admin-template.jpg 1200w, -content / uploads / sites / 2 / monarch-minimal-anfular-admin-template-300×218.jpg 300w, https: / / anfunar-ad min-template-768×557.jpg 768w,×743.jpg 1024w "sizes = "(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px" />
With Monarch, you can have it create an administration dashboard in the shortest time possible, so you do not need to create and design things from the zero zone. it was modern, we live, you can just go with a predesigned HTML5 admin panel template and have the things resolved quickly and reliably. Thanks to Monarch, this advanced and high-end product is equipped with all the necessary demonstration material and extensions that are valuable.

Three different administrator demonstrations, a front-end sample, gallery page, vector maps, invoice templates and support mailbox, these and many more features come with the amazing Monarch. Eye-catching UI elements and a fully customizable web design give you the opportunity to stand out and create something extraordinary and execute your project like a professional.
More information / Download Preview

 as html5 free dashboard admin

Ace will do wonders for those who are eager to integrate a highly dynamic management board in the management experience of your website. It comes integrated with full administration options for the UI and UX elements of the site, it supports dynamic tables using the jQGrid jQuery library, you can manage your own form elements for the website. There is also an option to manage widgets such as text boxes, notification bars and custom HTML widgets of your choice. The developers built their base on Bootstrap 3. You can easily use all available codes in an open GitHub repository. We believe that the design perfectly reflects the capabilities of the Bootstrap templates.




Matrix Admin is light and easy to Use, clean and polished, ingenious and reliable and responsive HTML5 and Bootstrap admin template. This template has been developed by a dedicated team of professionals who wanted to create a unique tool for webmasters of any skill level to easily configure their own pages and sophisticated administrative and internal backend interfaces, fully functional and ingenious in an agile and fast environment. and a simple platform with abundant features and options for personalization and expansion, and without having to write a line of code yourself.

Matrix Admin achieves this by exiting directly from the box with two board templates fully covered so you can choose. They have been greatly increased with the integration of more than 20 professional quality add-ons to provide all kinds of deep functionalities. In addition, they are enriched with useful and comfortable widgets and short codes to boot. With full-fledged buttons and icon font sets, Matrix Admin can make your backend viewable from the first day. The responsive modular design of Bootstrap ensures that Matrix Admin is presented properly on all devices and browsers. The creators included amazing analytic functions in Matrix Admin. They also added advanced graphic and graphic generation features for simplified reporting and analysis, making your data actionable from the first day. Try Matrix Admin now!

More information / Download

  Startmin free html5 admin panel

Startmin is a very attractive admin panel template created with Bootstrap. It presents a light choice of colors and smooth transitions between the available menus. It works natively on mobile devices, making it an accessible way to manage your own website from wherever you are. The extension capacity of Startmin can allow you to have full control of the content that appears on your site and the way it appears in the design forms and widgets. You can choose between two different graphics platforms: Flot Charts and Morris.js Charts. You can manage your forms or tables from the same panel.


Ample Admin lite is a template designed for panels and panels. Get incredible integration with many amazing WordPress features and it's completely free! Therefore, we will also recommend its incredible pro version for many more excellent features. Ample Admin lite has a minimalist design and is very simple. You will get 7 pages of options to choose from among the different styles they offer. It also gets components of +10 IU (out of the 500 pay version). Ample Admin lite is based on Bootstrap and is integrated into Google Maps. The board is a simplified version of an integrated MegaMenu template. No documentation is provided … It is not mandatory either!

The design is responsive and the template in general is easy to customize. Broad Admin lite is instinctive, quick to adapt and light. Get a basic data table with your own examples and compatibility with premium websites. You will get HTML, JS and CSS3 files included. Ample Admin lite is the best option for personal users, especially for amateurs. For commercial use, we strongly recommend that you advance with the pro version. However, you will get free updates for life and many Font Awesome icons and fonts. Start with this new template simple and easy to configure. Have fun with Ample Admin lite!


  bootstrap theme for free administration

This generic Bootstrap dashboard template has been published to be used in the public domain, as well as in commercial projects that They plan to generate income from your website and / or platform. The real board is very minimalist and light in terms of appearance, but the functionality seems to compensate. You get access to a Calendar to manage events, a Graphics page to make statistics and general analysis (Morris.js, Knob.js, jQuery Flot and other scripts). There are also buttons and icons, and an inclusion of HTML5 content editors to manage your pages. Lots of management tools for dynamic forms too.


  bcore free html5 admin panel

BCORE is much more than a dashboard. It is a fully functional management platform for the front-end and back-end activities of your website / platform. The elements of the user interface include things like typography, sliders, modules, notification tools, tabs, panels, and more. The forms consist of basic forms, more advanced forms for uploading files, as well as WYSIWYG editor forms to expand your website and guide you more to the content. The pages include a calendar, a timeline, social networks and others to help you get started with the basics of the website / business. There is an integrated administration tool for error pages, data tables, and also image galleries. Those who are tired of Google Analytics can enjoy traffic reports in real time on the dashboard.


 lumino free html5 administration board

MediaLoot offers anyone on the web a free download of the Lumino administration panel template. The tool is based on the traditions of modern designs, with full support of the latest Bootstrap standard. Lumino can provide you with the traditional capabilities of tables, forms, diagrams and widgets. You can expand these capabilities with the use of external plugins and libraries. A recent update of the template introduced a separate page for the icons, all of which are fully compatible with SVG. Prepare to create experiences for your visitors that will naturally be attractive in any browser or device configuration.


  simt free html5 admin panel

Free things never get old SIMINTA proves once again how great looking things can also be available without cost . The creators created Siminta with Bootstrap, and that applies to both front-end and back-end environments. This easy-to-use template will be reliable even in the most strenuous situations. That is, it provides the user with a large collection of website elements, components and add-ons that will make the job of administrator very simple. They also completely complemented the code base with comments. He is always aware of things when it is necessary to edit some parts of the code. Or you can also expand the code base with your own scripts and functions. The colors of the design are slightly dark.


  Dream free html5 Admin panel template

Looking for a beautiful and dark color admin panel template that is free? Look no further than Dream; a beautiful administrator template built by Bootstrap available for instant download; Ignore the purchase buttons on the page, and simply click Download immediately. The use of HTML5 and CSS3 is very evident in this template, not to mention the extensive list of features thanks to the beautiful functionality of jQuery. The developers made the design design totally responsive. You can also customize the template to be multipurpose. It is compatible with both Font Awesome and Google Fonts for all the needs of icons, fonts and fonts. They also included separate add-ons for graphs and data tables. There is also a smooth scrolling for a smooth browsing experience.


  dashgum free html5 admin panel template

DashGum is an elegant and elegant management template for the creative mind. The warmth of the design alone is what makes this template worthwhile. Although the free version is a bit limited, you can always get the premium update. It comes packed with dozens of style options and plenty of add-ons to keep you and your website entertained for months. It also provides a more fluid experience in terms of dynamic content use and data management tools. Download

 zontal html5 admin panel

Zontal Admin is a lightweight template of Bootstrap Dashboard for free and commercial use. It presents a clean code design, a receptive integration for all pages, custom forms and graphics libraries to manage dynamic data. Your easily accessible code base requires modifications and additional adjustments. Download

  keen io free html5 admin panel template

Keen is a widely-established name in the developer community. The Keen IO administration panels have been featured more than 8,000 times on GitHub, making it one of the most famous projects of its kind. This template is more than just a traditional administration panel. You can use your Framework to build dashboards or anything related to databases and the web, including mobile devices. One of the example templates is a template to check how many different device activations your project has received. The community that follows Keen is also excellent, so you can always check popular developer sites for information and more templates to choose from. Download


INADMIN is adopting a slightly different approach to design. It offers a boxed design where the real functionality is focused on the products; that is, electronic commerce. If you are looking to manage content, products or other digital elements, INADMIN is a great option to consider due to its fluency.


Premium Management Board Templates

Now that we've explored all the free resources available options, let's take a moment to explore some of the more premium options. These come from developers and designers with extensive experience behind them. After further investigation, we discovered that the combined number of downloads for the following premium templates exceeds 3,000+ and all of them are really affordable as a long-term investment in your project. We always remind our readers that cousin does not always mean better. However, it can definitely mean better in terms of support availability, but the free templates are great in their own right.

 ubold free html5 admin panel

Ubold comes ready with a fully responsive design design created with Bootstrap 3. The design is intuitive and is designed for those who love simple and clean navigation options. There is a rich documentation for the browser. A huge panel of Forms and Widgets allows you to create great looking dynamic content that can complete any task imaginable. In addition, there are more than 100 pages available for you to start your website. More than 500 user interface components so that each page (or design) feels authentic and unique. The integration of 11 different jQuery graphics libraries allows more than 110 different graphics locations. Integrated applications include email, calendar and contact management. There are two sample applications appended to the template. For e-commerce sites and for customer relationship management sites. And we mention the choice of more than 3000 icon fonts? Download

  unlimited html5 admin panel

These premium board templates really stand out for their functionality and ease of use, and therefore they are unlimited. The developers created this panel template optimized for mobile devices with Bootstrap. His goal was to adapt to any type of input board solution and necessary background. The developers also added thousands of components, hundreds of add-ons and a variety of designs to choose from. They even added a starter kit for those who need a simple website template. Limitless is much more than just an administrator template. We recommend that you thoroughly investigate the functionality of the templates through the free demo website. Download

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