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The modern Internet is an endless labyrinth of repetitive and repetitive websites. Massive globalization and the widespread adoption of online services and companies. All of them are designed with a new and brave world where most people spend most of the time connected to the web in one way or another. They are always on their computers, laptops, tablets and their phones. Therefore, having a strong presence online is crucial to making it big.

That maxim and the declining hosting costs have caused a massive increase in the number of websites that exist. Overwhelming consumers with a wide range of options for all your needs. But there are so many that it becomes quite difficult for a website to really have a memorable impact on its average user. Most standard website designs have become clichés on the web. But the constant evolution of technologies continues to increase the visual capabilities of websites, raising the bar in terms of creative possibilities, standing out from the crowd. That's why the fullscreen HTML5 and CSS3 website templates are the smart and modern answer to create unique and prominent sites of all kinds.


Do you believe strongly? that your business or portfolio is the next big thing? Then realize the dream by putting your hands on XeOne. This full-screen website template works like a one-page design with an impressive parallax effect. Because it is based on the Bootstrap framework, XeOne offers great responsiveness and flexibility, suitable for a wide range of creatives and new businesses. Even if you run something super niche, it is likely that XeOne is the ideal tool for your web space.

Multiple styles come out of the box and ready to use with many CSS and jQuery animations. Choose what you think is best suited to your brand and get it to boost your products and services to the new level. The customization also happens without effort since XeOne is organized and well commented. It is also ready for retina which makes seeing your website in high definition an advantage.

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  brailie full screen website template

Photographers and those who need to create a solid online portfolio, Brailie is The complete web page template for your web space. It ensures that all of its content is displayed beautifully on the Internet, regardless of the devices from which it is being viewed. Speaking of which, Brailie is compatible with mobile devices and between browsers, adapting instantly to all screen sizes. All the creative people out there, be sure to check out Brailie.

In the huge Brailie package, you get a lot of pre-built stuff so you can use it right away. More than fifty demos, more than two hundred pages in total and three hundred web elements, Brailie is ready to solve your website with ease. And if you feel like modifying a particular web design, be sure to do it, Brailie is ready for modifications of all kinds.

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  bemax full screen website template

The road to success may seem too complicated. While this is true for the most part and requires a lot of work, let Bemax be your vehicle as you walk the road. Bemax is a full-screen website template made with modern, high-quality design. It oscillates a one page design with a tempting parallax effect that is ideal for startups, agencies and web studios. In addition, Bemax also responds, based on the latest version of the amazing Bootstrap technology, perfect for any device and most browsers.

A page can say a lot and Bemax assures you that a page will communicate effectively with your potential customers showing all the necessary information. And it does so in a way that is not complex to the eye, so that everyone enjoys rubbing its content at all times. All the files and the Bemax code are organized and ordered for an indisputable personalization.

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  torola full screen website template

No matter what you are an expert, if you really want to see the Success for yourself, creating an online wallet is almost a necessity. To avoid doing all the work yourself, save time with Torola. It is a creative and full-screen website template with a modern and trouble-free web design, following all the latest trends and technologies. With Torola, your website will surely work always well, adapting to different devices and spontaneously acclimating to modern web browsers.

More than twenty demos await each Torola user that can be consulted on the live preview page. That said, see how much you can do with the tool and be impressed by the insane potential it has. You can also choose between dark and light designs and decide if you are going with a sticky or floating header and footer. With hardly any work, you can have a professional site ready and configured to attract new clients.

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  vincent full screen website template

Pizza is a complete meal in itself. Like this extravagant dish, Vincent can offer you the complete package you need in the desired web design. But this full-screen website template is perfectly suited not only to pizza shops, fast foods, coffee shops and other establishments. Choose from a selection of homepage designs (six) and menu (three) and quickly organize your perfect web space that will attract even more customers to your business.

Along with the first few pages, Vincent allows you to add other necessary functions. Internal pages too, such as online orders, computer and contact section with form and Google Maps. Of course, you can also start a blog and expand your business with an online store to sell your clothes and branded tools. Vincent also has a strong emphasis on typography and usability to offer an always surprising experience. By obtaining this template, you are guaranteed an improvement in performance and free updates for life.

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  quadra, full-screen website template

Quadra is an all-in-one multi-user website template You can use to, well, all kinds of intentions. A lot of niches and predefined generic designs assure you a quick start of your project and push it further. In total, this extraordinary full-screen website template has more than seven hundred designs in the package. Yes, that's 700! In summary, there is something for everyone, even if it means that they are very fussy when it comes to choosing the web design.

But with Quadra, you get even more than "just" designs ready to use. Some of the features are Slider Revolution, more than sixty short codes, interactive social modules and fast and friendly customer service. Quadra is also optimized for fast loading speed and ready for mobile devices to satisfy all its users, regardless of the device they use.

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  casely fullscreen website template

Too scared or hesitant to start building something beautiful and functional yourself? No problem, let Casely carry the load for you. With such a powerful full screen website template, you can boost your products and services, as well as jobs, to new heights. Casely is 100% responsive, that is, ready for mobile devices and also compatible with browsers. With amazing looks and performance, Casely makes sure you're about to create a future-proof website.

Incredible animations, twelve demo designs that are ready for adjustments, you will never make a mistake when choosing your ideal design. With Casely, you can do something very simple and simple or you can accelerate it and move forward in a more complicated way. Besides that, whatever the approach you take, the result will always be a sophisticated web space, ready to take your band to a new level.

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  laxt full-screen website template

While you may be super busy finishing the redesign of the website or Even launching a new project, you can announce the big day early. If that is the case, Laxt is the full screen website template for the next pages that will be exceptionally useful. The site's canvas is fully optimized to run smoothly on all devices and browsers. Not only that, it will load all its content in a flash for the cutting edge experience. Encourage them to take action and capture their emails.

Laxt has twelve different styles for you to choose from, as well as five additional content pages. The latter cover things like about, services and contact pages. Upload the logo of your company, improve the design with the effects CCS3 and jQuery and benefit from the fast three-step method. It's simple, download Laxt, edit it and put it to work.

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  synx full screen website template

Take innovation to the next level and join hundreds of satisfied users who They believe in Synx. As a versatile full-screen website template, Synx is perfect for agencies, startups, personal portfolios and other businesses and projects. Receptivity and preparation for the retina are also two of the characteristics that Synx does not miss. In addition, Synx is enriched with modern technology to ensure a state-of-the-art end product that everyone will love.

One hundred elements, fifty templates, one and several page layouts, generic and niche demonstrations, whatever, Synx offers everything and something else. Also, choose from various fonts and color styles and have Synx adapt to your style without complexity. Create a strong opening impression with Revolution Slider and awaken your curiosity to educate yourself more about what you stand for.

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  skylith full screen website template

Skylith is out of this world. It is creative, solid, vibrant, rich in goodies and improved with virality. It is also a full-screen website template with thirty demonstrations to fit as many different purposes as possible. Online portfolios, agencies, freelancers, companies, online stores, whatever, Skylith has a demo for that. Just like that would not be enough, Skylith also has twenty portfolios, ten blog styles, five navigation styles and a functional AJAX contact form.

It does not end here.

Other features and assets that Skylith has reserved for you are Instagram and Twitter feeds, Google Maps, soft parallax effect and button back to top. Of course, there is still more, but I do not want to ruin all the fun for you. Skylith is also prepared for developers with everything necessary to make things work your way.

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  arone full screen website template

For a design you can trust, choose Arone. It's that easy. But it becomes even simpler once you become familiar with this neat and orderly tool. With this full-screen website template, your website will surely be a cut above the rest. It is a one-page parallax page canvas based on modern technologies. Arone is a receptive and sophisticated element that adapts to any startup and portfolio of creatives or businesses. While offering a one-page solution, Arone also has numerous multi-page demonstrations at your disposal.

Keep in mind that Arone even has an exceptional cryptocurrency sample for those who want to establish their own business in this niche. Select from a wide range of colors and fonts that are ready and set up for you to combine and make Arone follow your brand. It also supports RTL address languages ​​(from right to left) so that location and diversity can be easily achieved.

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The One

  full screen website template

Although it points more towards photographers, The One is a template for Full screen, versatile and creative website to create outstanding portfolio pages. If you want to stand out from the crowd, now you know where to find the right web design to achieve insane results. It's The One and its extensive collection of sixty demos that will do the trick and end your entertaining but expert web space in a very short time.

In the The One kit, you will also receive 20 bonuses on the next pages so that the traction advances in advance. Also, select dark or light designs, get benefits from nine different content / internal pages, jQuery countdown timer, language change, and Google Maps. Animated facts, support for the MailChimp newsletter, CCS3 effects and everything that can be used with touch is what can be done, except after downloading The One.

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  ] funky full web page template

It can be very funky with Funky, but even so, what you will set up with this full screen website template will be professional level. But first, it's important to know that Funky is a serious business among multipurpose website templates because of the amount of material you have ready and ready to use. One hundred demos, two hundred interface blocks and more than fifty short codes, I know, of course, that's crazy. But the chaos is super organized and well documented so that everyone has the chance to go crazy with Funky.

Funky's responsive design is very appealing to the eye no matter where you see your website from. Whether it's a handheld device or a desktop computer, Funky has a liquid web design that fits the screen of your choice in an instant. Mega menu, reusable elements, CSS3 animations and cracked footer styles, Funky is a package full of practical goodies.

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  emily full screen website template

Emily is another full screen website template that gives you It will help to make the Internet world vibrate. With its remarkable composition and high-end performance, it is fully equipped to create a web space that will surprise and impress everyone. Whether it's a photographer or any other creative person, Emily is here to fix things for you. Advertise your jobs and portfolio and attract more potential clients who need your services.

With its optimized approach to SEO, search engines will choose your website faster and place you in a higher position. Emily is really a majestic solution to all your questions about web design. The image slider, the parallax effect, the animated transitions, the social icons and many other assets are at your disposal, ready for you to use. Implement your artistic thinking and modify Emily according to your wishes.

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  pofo full screen website template

A single page can paint a thousand words, and with Pofo, its Website can generate a lot of leads and recognition. Pofo is a full-screen website template that is refined and optimized down to the last detail, as well as effortlessly to customize. The template is extremely fast loading, is SEO ready, is responsive and is well coded. Needless to say, Pofo follows only modern trends and regulations to ensure the stability and efficiency of the site.

Any type of company can show the identity of your company in the most creative and professional way. Use any of the 26 homepage layouts included and implement two hundred predefined sections and 150 elements for a truly original online presence. Pofo is one of the giants of template in which you will not find anything that is missing in a single package. Even if you are working on some different projects, Pofo can still manage them all without any problem.

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  pixies full screen website template

Express creativity using endless opportunities that you will find in this next innovative tool. Pixies is a full screen website template that helps you in your journey to establish a professional portfolio page. In addition to that, you will also have the opportunity to start a blog and take your little project to a whole new level. Pixies comes with seven different portfolio styles that vary from grid and package to carousel and ribbon, to name a few.

In addition, Pixies also includes a maintenance mode that you can use for an advance or a countdown before that initial release or a big update. Customer satisfaction is, in fact, the priority of Pixies. With ease of use and 24/7 support, it allows everyone to create their own website without the need to have experience in doing so.

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  full screen website template

Creativity and originality are two of the main features of the website template Full screen Inshot. From the first moment, Inshot is presented as an ideal tool to create photography websites. However, with some improvements, you can also use the website's canvas for other niches, such as designers, artists and the like. Basically, whatever it is out there wants something slightly different that is ready and ready to build an online wallet, Inshot is the only one.

Seven different homepage styles, six different portfolio designs and ten stylish portfolio pages are fully equipped with the necessary elements. In addition, Inshot is flexible, ready for the retina, in harmony with modern web browsers and demands excellent performance. The kit includes all sorts of different things, and you'd better find out by visiting the live preview page of Inshot.

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  melbourne full screen website template

Simplicity is beauty, they say. If you want to convey your message effectively without trying too hard on the design, then Melbourne could be for you. In other words, for those who enjoy the minimalist look and pure elegance, this is the template of the independent website to investigate further. Melbourne prioritizes the content and shows a surprising portfolio grid in variations of one, two and three columns. In addition, it is packed with a series of useful features to offer the best solution for any type of page you want to build.

While emphasizing simplicity, Melbourne still offers some truly innovative features. With Melbourne, you will have no problem showing your work and projects to the end user in a very individualistic and distinctive way. Impress and intrigue with your creations and it is very likely that they will communicate with you through the integrated contact form.

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  piroll full screen website template

A full screen website creates a solid and eye-catching first impression which is almost crucial to win over its visitors. Instead of discovering how to make magic happen, it is Piroll who will show it to you. As a matter of fact, Piroll has the web design already at your service. What remains to be done is simply to use it. Sometimes, you just do not want to complicate yourself, make your life stress-free with ready-to-use tools.

Piroll is an easy-to-use template with nine demos, but it's the full-screen slider you'll most likely go with. Apart from that, Piroll also has more than twenty different portfolio designs to find the one that best presents his work quickly. Other functional internal pages are also part of this exceptional jewel. It uses Piroll in all its potential and influences the world.

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Stash is a versatile WordPress theme of the highest level. Completely malleable for commercial and professional uses. But, basically, it can be used for anything. With more than 48 design demos available, Stash is useful for any type of niches. However, it is not specifically the amount that Stash has, but also the quality. Choose from vast selections of features that are reliable, beautiful and high-tech. In addition, Stash is cleanly encoded and based on Bootstrap. It uses Visual Composer as a block generator and all this is customizable. In addition to that, you'll get a handmade touch and a personal feeling on your website. Play with more than 800 fonts, colors and Google video background to make your website fun and personalized.

Be fully compatible when you choose Stash as the theme. Get a theme that is incredibly compatible with the add-ons and real personalized support! Use WooCommerce to make your payment system an easy task. For multilingual options, use WPML and RTL. People will find your site through Optimized Search Engines. Show your content in a wonderful way with Slider Revolution. Enjoy Stash's one-click installation tool and start your ideas and projects right away! And finally, update at least twice a month! Start your dream site with Stash!

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Canvas is a site Expansive and well thought web for HTML5 and CSS3 coded model. With more than 75 demo websites, all with their internal pages and fictional content. Making a total of more than 500 HTML5 pages for each possible use known to man. In addition to that, with hundreds and hundreds of sophisticated visual elements, highly customizable and reusable.

Canvas is easy to implement, with intuitive short codes and easy to use. In addition, with its accessible and readable modular coding, based on the Bootstrap framework of Twitter, Canvas is a top-notch theme for everyone. And a ton of animations and smooth transitions with CSS3. In addition, HTML5 video features, 7 sliders, LESS files for more customization, AJAX contract forms, calendar and all ready-to-use eCommerce functionality have been added. It's no wonder that Canvas is such a successful website template. Truly, there is no end to the images that you can paint on a good canvas. Finally, Canvas offers incredible and interesting full screen designs and demos. Completely modernizing and immersing your audience with your user browsing experience. Paint your desired website in Canvas!

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UniSet is an attractive and attractive multi-purpose landing of WordPress theme of the page's website. A flexible set of amazing templates and demos that make the design of the website short. Take your projects to the web today without any coding knowledge using UniSet. With more than 21 different designs and a ton of personalized complements that provide a wide range of functionality. Polished professional quality demonstrations for different niches lets you start running.

In addition, Uniset's dazzling animations and transitions will make your content come alive for your audience. The smooth and fluid navigation experiences are the norm with the fast loading Bootstrap technology. Advanced tools such as Google Analytics and SEO improvements keep your website competitive. The MailChimp add-on makes the subscription list easy and fast. And, finally, Handy's premium add-ons offer you an infinite option for functional customization.

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LeadGen is an ingenious and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. Packed with impressive tools and widgets to build sophisticated websites. A range of industries and applications can benefit from the intuitive LeadGen development process. With its HTML5 page generator makes design customization simple. The advanced options of the administration panel allow you to turn your websites upside down in minutes. In addition, with 32 dedicated demo websites, each full of deliberate design features.

You can achieve unique and effective results with LeadGen without any coding. The video and background technology of captivating images creates an elegant atmosphere in your web pages. One-page websites are easy to set up with LeadGen in a couple of clicks. In addition, the full screen function of LeadGen can be used at any time with a single click. It makes your website a beautiful full width presentation. And with a light Bootstrap encoding, it allows you to reach a global audience. All devices can enjoy their full screen websites in all their glory. Adaptive resizing of the image softens your websites on all screens. Expand your appeal and maximize your income today, with LeadGen at your side!

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Rhythm is a multipurpose website template Multipurpose fashion and fashion. With a website template full of useful features. All infinitely customizable to meet all your needs. Make sure your Rhythm website looks exactly as you always wanted.

Rhythm is capable of producing wonderful full-screen visual designs that are very attractive. What results in more attention, focus and, ultimately, user conversion rates. In addition, it is powered by HTML5 and CSS3 technologies enhanced by a modular Bootstrap design that makes Rhythm friendly to developers and deeply compatible with all devices, screen sizes, platforms and browsers. With more than 175 HTML5 page templates preconfigured exclusively for your benefit, with incredible features such as the fixed image slider, HTML5 video backgrounds with local hosted videos, an incredible functional variety that ranges from blogs and portfolios to e-commerce websites and of landing, and much more. It will make you turn your head. Let your website feel the rhythm!

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Porto is a template of multi-purpose website encoded HTML5 and CSS3 very effective. Una plantilla de sitio web totalmente completa que está llena con todas las plantillas de página necesarias. Y con las características necesarias para configurar sin esfuerzo un sitio web sofisticado.

Con cientos de códigos cortos personalizados disponibles y una personalización visual de ejecución profunda con el selector de estilo exclusivo y exclusivo. Además, está basado en un marco de trabajo HTML5 fiable y seguro. Además, con scripts CSS3 dinámicos e incorporando el estándar de diseño modular Bootstrap de Twitter. Por último, Porto es una combinación perfecta con Porto Admin. Prueba Porto hoy!

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