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If you are reading this article, you are that person who would like to launch a magical online project that works perfectly. To make things easier, simply answer the following question: have you decided to set up your long-awaited website and finally be your own boss, but you have no idea how to do it? In general terms, that's why I made this publication! Therefore, the article you are reading now is your clear opportunity to manage a beautiful and powerful website for your needs, since today I am going to introduce you to a lovely new selection of the 15 best WordPress lifestyle blogs. Undoubtedly, these eye-catching and flexible products will quickly help you build your own website, as well as increase the prosperity of your future project! So, have you ever dreamed of creating your ideal lifestyle blog without any effort? Without a doubt, you have and I think it's great because now is a good time for some inspiring changes. I still wonder how one can do it? To summarize, I suggest you look at the information on these great and multifeatured WordPress lifestyle blog themes, their demo versions and the list of incredible options with which they appear. Well, are you ready to see these practical examples of WordPress that work perfectly and that can show your thoughts and ideas to the world? For these simple reasons, do not stop reading!

It goes without saying that today many bright and online projects can be found. These days, it is very important to stay unique, if you want your website to find your audience and become popular. How can you be inimitable? As already mentioned, the themes of the WordPress provided lifestyle blog have many incredible features in their packages that will undoubtedly impress any visitor to your project. Such as: mobile device optimization, advanced translation options, drag and drop page generator, SEO optimization, easy customization, multiple design pages, easy automatic updates, MegaMenu support, powerful administrator interface, customizable Google map, support of adhesive menus, many short codes, Google fonts, Parallax effect backgrounds, incredible icons, powerful framework and much more! Seeing that, do not you want to see this new selection of the 15 best WordPress blogs?

Gillion (Trend article)

Gillion is a multiple concept style blog and a magazine WordPress theme. It is made with the Unyson framework and also has Bootstrap support. Enter immediately with 7 amazing demos and an improved speed interface. Gillion has a versatile design that allows you to customize styles and add multiple elements. The publications can be uploaded in 6 different formats. Multiple headers, a top bar and social icons are also presented. Have fun mixing unlimited color palettes and many custom widgets. Gillion has been improved with SEO and provides a lot of documentation for new users. This Shufflehound design will surprise you. Try it now! Test Gillion

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Health Coach Blog and Lifestyle Magazine

Powerful and easy to customize, Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine is a good idea for creating your future brilliant online project. As you can see in the "Details" field, the theme is based on a powerful generator add-on, so you can add or remove sections and modules without effort. All in all, this WordPress theme was created for your convenience, so you have several useful and easy-to-use options. For example, advanced translation options, drag and drop page generator, SEO optimization, easy customization, multiple design pages, easy automatic updates, MegaMenu support, powerful administrator interface, customizable Google map, etc. In addition, the package includes detailed instructions on your unboxing and modifying the website with the help of the templates in question.

 Health Coach Blog and Lifestyle Magazine

More information / Download [19659006] Street Style – Personal Blog Fashion & Lifestyle

Done With a nice decoration and readable text, Street Style is the theme, powered by the WordPress platform, which presents a lovely and smooth design for your page. All in all, the template was made specifically for fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and can also be used for any other topic. Basically, the theme below provides its owner with such useful functions as the customized lookbook publishing format, recent news widget, excellent support, social options and much more. What's more, today the template has 347 sales and can be displayed on all browsers and on all devices.

 Street Style - Fashion & Lifestyle's personal blog

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Shasta – A customizable WordPress theme for lifestyle bloggers

Very useful and eye-catching, Shasta is the WordPress template made in lovely colors. Without a doubt, with the help of the theme provided, the visit of your website will be a good time for your guests. Do not miss the opportunity to create your dream website, since the proposed theme is flexible and powerful enough to satisfy personal and corporate needs. All in all, we create a modern website for modern people along with a little help from this beautiful and strong WordPress theme that offers its owner such interesting things as 4 main page layouts, 9 publishing styles, including video layouts and audio, and tons of customization options included in your easy-to-use WordPress board!

 Shasta - A responsive WordPress theme for lifestyle bloggers

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Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine

Learn about another miraculous WordPress theme for building a perspective website, presenting your health coaches blog and lifestyle magazine to the wide web audience! As you can see, the Health Coach theme is ideal for personal health trainers, coaches, diet and nutrition consultants, blogs about healthy lifestyles, recipe blogs and healthy stores. That's why the subject below has many customizable features to showcase your services: personal health program, personal exercise trainer, wellness counseling and diet program. Without a doubt, easy to use and install, this WordPress theme will impress not only you, but also your potential customers with its well-made structure and its delicious design that are modern and practical in a single package.

 Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine

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PJ | Life and business coaching WordPress theme

Are you the one looking for a clear and strong theme to present your services? Well, no doubt the template provided would be an excellent way to tell everyone about your business! Easy to use and install, this WordPress theme is built with a valid semantic code and has a package full of inspiring options that will quickly help one with the prosperity of your online business. In addition, its solid commercial design is also perfect for any corporate website, business consultants, financial firms, writers, etc. As a result, this WordPress theme is quite versatile. By the way, now has more than 300 sales and has side menu and side scrolling that is very useful when you switch between sections of the page.

 PJ | WordPress theme about life and business coaching

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Anahata: a subject of yoga, fitness and lifestyle

The theme allows you to get a beautiful and professional website for your needs without effort! In addition, charming colors of Anahata design and readable fonts will undoubtedly interest potential customers of your website related to exterior design. As you can see, this WordPress product is presented with inspiring schedules, events calendar, impressive interior pages, powerful typography, easy color change, visual composer and much more. In addition, the subject below is fully responsive and well documented. In addition, one can also have a fairly fast support for your website with the help of this lovely yoga and fitness WordPress theme.

 Anahata: a subject of yoga, fitness and lifestyle

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  alia lifestyle blog

While you can use Alia for all kinds of niches, use it as a style blog Life is very possible, too. Out of the box, Alia is a minimal WordPress personal blog theme that has the ability to bring your idea to life in no time. Similar to the simplistic web design, they also kept the theme configuration to a minimum. That said, you practically download the tool, install it and you can start blogging.

Yes, it's that simple.

In addition, Alia comes with a set of valuable and practical features that will treat you well. Different content of sample, menu out of canvas, social network icons, contact page with a work form and publication formats of all styles, yes, this and more is what it is about once you get rid of the amazing kit of Alia. Make it yours, enrich it with your characteristic style and have a customized version of Alia, all configured and already full of fresh and attractive content.

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Personal topic of Life Coach and Psychologist

Needless to say, such a progressive theme will attract the attention of its guests. Made in beautiful, calm tones, this personal Life Coach and Psychologist Personal WordPress template seems to be your opportunity to build a colorful and attractive online project, without touching a single line of code. Made in modern style, this wonderful and even excellent theme will surely help you to customize the design of your website and transform it into a bright candy without any effort! Actually, this product currently has more than 350 sales and includes in its package such incredible options as an intuitive visual interface and an informative design that looks wonderful on any platform, since it is totally responsive and ready for Retina. In addition, with its minimal response design, you can represent your practice in the best way. By the way, the theme provided is compatible with a lot of premium add-ons: Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, Visual Composer and PO Composer.

 Life Coach and Psychologist Personal Theme

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Authentic – Lifestyle Blog and magazine WordPress Theme

Just look closely at this amazing and powerful WordPress theme! Designed in light blue tones, the template provided is a nice way to create your special type of e-commerce website without losing much time or money. Therefore, do not hesitate to have the opportunity to make all your brave ideas with the help of a rich palette of color combinations, unusual fonts and high quality images, since the template will easily attract the attention of your potential guests and the will transform. them in happy and regular customers. By the way, keep in mind that today this wonderful and minimalist WordPress template has more than 1,700 sales.

 Authentic - Lifestyle Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

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Escher – An urban lifestyle blog Theme

Escher is another miraculous WordPress theme that was made for the construction of a perspective website, presenting his lifestyle blog urban. By tradition, it is presented with MegaMenu, Google web sources, social options, comments system, cross browser compatibility and other undeniable elements that will surely help you build the site of your dreams. In addition, the theme offers its owner an amazing collection of homepages, a list of amined blogs, Retina lists, variants of unique publications, beautiful blog lists, incredible side areas, different types of sliders, buttons to share social networks, adhesive slide bar, 4 types of manu, full width publications, effects and animation. In addition, you get a remarkable and powerful website that works perfectly on all browsers and on all devices.

 Escher - An urban lifestyle blog Theme

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Broden – Lifestyle Blog / Magazine

Designed with soft and warm colors, Broden will delight any visitor to your website. As you can see, your future site will quickly adapt to any device with the screen size that a client has in their hands, so you'll get a nice Blog or Lifestyle Magazine effortlessly. Speaking of its features, Broden is a fully responsive WordPress theme that provides unparalleled typography, full prepared translation, Retina list, MegaMenu, fixed scroll bars, simple settings and live preview and much more. Add all the well elaborated and clearly elaborated details and you will have a complete vision of the comfort of the 21st century!

 Broden - Lifestyle blog / magazine

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Josephine: WordPress theme for lifestyle bloggers

Here's your chance to impress the guests of your site with its wonderful looks and its sparkling functionality in one package! Packed with all the newest options, Josephine is a great WordPress theme, created for your convenience. In addition, the template will positively impress your potential customers with its unusual structure and frequent design. In addition, the templare is driven by the highly flexible Live Composer page creation plugin that gives you the ability to modify the style almost without limitations. Be free to show all sides of your lifestyle blog with the help of this lovely WordPress theme that, by the way, now has more than 700 sales!

 Josephine - WordPress theme for lifestyle bloggers

Details | Demonstration

Overmax – Clean WordPress Magazine & Lifestyle Theme

Elegant and elegant, the template is easy to use and install, so there's nothing that can ruin your dreams. As you can see, this WordPress theme was done in nice and clear tones to highlight the beauty of its services. In addition, there will be no way to miss your spectacular online project, as the template provides you with unique Google sources and brilliant high-quality images. To summarize everything, Overmax is a highly customizable WordPress theme, a magazine theme that can match your personal taste and can be an excellent option for a news, review, newspaper, blog, agency, editorial or magazine site.

 Overmax - Clean WordPress Magazine & Lifestyle Theme

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Pandella – Fashion and lifestyle blog Theme

Equipped with modern fonts and high-quality images, the template is another useful thing, with WordPress technology, which can ideally represent the Beauty of your future – Fashion blog and lifestyle. What's more, the attractive, soft and pretty colors of the provided template will definitely emphasize every detail of your services. Without a doubt, your customers will be satisfied with the store and happy with its functionality! In addition, the template below is fully responsive and fully compatible with most premium and free WordPress add-ons. For what it's worth, it's based on the frontend framework of Bootstrap, which is known to be reliable and well-made, making it friendly to developers.

 Pandella - Fashion and lifestyle blog Theme

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Hello Friday – Stylish Lifestyle Blog

As you can see, WordPress offers you a great variety of wonderful website templates related to your particular business, so below shows another multifunctional example, made for the construction of Lifestyle Blog, which seems to be worthy of your attention. All in all, built from scratch to look as good on a mobile device or tablet as it does on the desktop, this blog theme is as easy to use as it is administration. Four different styles of header, multiple predesigned blog design options and an excellent range of features and functions allow any user to create and complete their own signature design in a matter of minutes! When you see that, do not hesitate to consult all the responsive WordPress themes to find the one that is perfect for you.

 Hello Friday - Stylish lifestyle blog

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Solvi: an elegant lifestyle WordPress blog theme

Take a closer look at this amazing modern and cozy template! Designed in rich and attractive tones, the theme is an excellent way to create your special type of blog with style without wasting much time or money. In addition, Solvi provides only the options you really need. In addition, it remains very flexible. Hide or show lots of items, change font, color or choose from 6 different theme color styles. All theme options can be changed within the WordPress Customiser.

 Solvi - An elegant lifestyle WordPress blog Theme

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