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The web is based on different types of files. Whether they are photographs, video content such as movies, personal Word documents, text documents or oriented programming files, we are constantly changing and exchanging files with each other. It is one of the main reasons why there are services like Dropbox, to help us manage and synchronize our files wherever we are. If you are a regular user of the Internet, you will know the importance of file sharing and how crucial it can be to have access to reliable file sharing services in order to share our files safely, conveniently and effectively.

you are a web developer, you may be attracted to the idea of ​​building your own file sharing website, or maybe you are looking to complement an existing web design with file sharing functionality that allows your customers or visitors to share their own files. There are many ways to see it, but to get that far, we have to find a reliable solution to upload and manage files on behalf of ourselves, and on behalf of others. That's why we've put together a list of the most prominent and best jQuery file upload scripts that you can use to load and optimize your files.

Because there are so many options, we want to mention that no choice is the best, but instead one should closely investigate the final goal for each requirement, so if you are looking to create a personal file to upload your files personal, choose a minimal load script, but if your agenda is to create a multifunctional file management website, take a look at the scripts that provide more extended functionality, you'll surely find a little bit of everything on our list here.

As we learned, content loaders can serve many different purposes, and we started our list of jQuery file loaders with a perfect example for that statement. Closify is a jQuery image management and upload library that developers can use to manipulate images as soon as they are loaded, either for a wallpaper background, for use in a personal community script that needs to resize. the image for the members of the community, an independent image management page for your personal needs: with Closify you can load images and, on the same page, resize, crop and save them. Your newly resized or cropped images maintain their aspect ratio, which makes the script attractive even for those who share appointment images.


  Version of jQuery File Upload Demo jQuery UI

Loading jQuery files is the perfect illustration of how file uploads work within jQuery and how it can be used to simply upload and save files. However, this library offers a slightly more versatile range of functions. For starters, it comes with 5 different styles to choose from, including the native jQuery user interface and also for AngularJS developers who need a fast and reliable file upload solution for their projects.

Features include the means to drag and drop multiple files from your desktop or other folder directly into the loader, you can cancel your uploads and also resume them, there is a progress bar for each upload to know when things are about to end, those with modern browsers will be able to edit images after they are loaded, and the browsers themselves will allow a preview of all the loaded files before finalizing. Works with any server-side platform (PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Node.js, Go, etc.) that supports the loading of standard HTML form files.


  jQuery.filer Simple HTML5 file upload tool for jQuery.

jQuery.filer is another complex jQuery file management plugin that comes PACKED with traditional and new features that will allow a deep file upload experience. Features include things like file validators: specify the limits of file uploads, the number of files that can be uploaded, or even the type of files that can be uploaded. An editor that can be used to preview files or edit them directly from the browser, since your browser supports the API calls necessary for such events. jQuery.filer also has its own API, which means that you can freely manipulate the appearance and functionality of your charger. The documentation covers all aspects of possible calls and events that you can start using immediately.


  jQuery Ajax File Uploader

jQuery Ajax File Uploader is a great example of how simple (but modern) file loaders can be. Here we have a upload tool that uses a simple option to upload files with multiple files, and a simple progress bar widget within the same page. In addition to being built for the modern browser, this add-on will require some knowledge of JavaScript and AJAX / skills to set the appropriate parameters within the configuration so you can create the right experience for you, but even then – most of the parameters they are just traditional arrangement settings, and do not require much thought to change. Built with Bootstrap.



  Fine Uploader Upload Library Javascript

Another large-scale jQuery file upload solution is called Fine Uploader – a very popular jQuery library to upload, manage and scale files. Some of the outstanding features of Fine Uploader include the ability to retry the upload of failed files, not from the beginning, but from the last fragment that was not uploaded, this is also part of the actual library, called fragmentation and division. files. Fine Uploader is fully compatible with file management in the cloud, which means you can upload files to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, and other simpler functions include permission to edit and delete files as they are loaded. This is practically a complete solution for any site that needs a reliable file upload solution where a larger community of active users may be involved.


  Angular file load flow.js

We keep the flow of our file upload scripts, with another great resource called Flow. js! Flow.js is a JavaScript library that provides multiple simultaneous, stable and renewable loads through the HTML5 file API. The library does not require third-party dependencies. It has capabilities such as pausing and resuming file loads, recovering lost loads and handling errors within the loader. It has a drag-and-drop file loading solution, the ability to load ENTIRE folders and preview image files. In addition, you have progress bars to keep you under control over the progress of the file you are loading. The piece loads to make sure you can recover the lost pieces of the failed charges, and instead resume them from that point to save time and headaches.


  Upload · Formstone

Formstone is unique in our list in a way that is actually a multitude of products within a single project. But, Formstone has a load component that is a very useful and very functional file upload management solution. They offer this solution for websites and applications, both small and large. The lightweight component features a simple drag-and-drop interface (with click interaction) that allows you to upload individual or multiple files with a lightweight progress bar attached. It is a very effective solution for websites that are looking for additional components without the large amount of fat attached. But also, Formstone is a project within itself. You can join the other few dozen components and create a web or application project based on that. Get more information about Formstone to fully understand the interaction between the variety of components they have to offer.


  File Uploader Demo

File Uploader is an elegant and technical example of how modern web browsers can be great. They can support the load needs of fast and solid files of the modern web user. You can create multiple calls to help manage the files, but the many main features really stand out. These are file drag-and-drop uploads, progress bars and the ability to assign each file upload to a specific user. This file upload is where the user himself mentions his name. We can see how that could be modified into a fully functional solution for password-protected file uploads and similar things.


  PekeUpload by pekebyte

PekeUpload is a lightweight components solution for web designers You can use it as a website widget to load files using a combination of jQuery + features HTML5 Built with Bootstrap, PekeUpload is incredibly easy to design and offers many ways to spread. With PekeUpload, you can control your uploaded files. You can set file size limits and choose the type of file that your component will accept. If traditional error notifications tire you, you can be sure that you can configure your own custom error notifications. You can preview the visual content directly before and after loading it.


  Backbone Upload Manager

Backbone supplies the structure to heavy JavaScript applications by providing models with key-value links and custom events, collections. They contain a rich API of enumerable functions and views with declarative event handling. You can also connect it to all your existing applications through a RESTful JSON interface. It is a well-known JavaScript framework, and Backbone Upload Manager is the perfect complement for this framework and its users. The user interface and the real experience are very modern, with a solid list of features and capabilities. These are qualities that only a solid framework such as Backbone could provide.


  FileDrop.js demo contained HTML5 AJAX drag file upload

FileDrop.js is an optimized file upload library for JavaScript that focuses on direct loading of browser files. It has personalized notification alerts, without many other features. Select or drag your files, click on load and wait to be notified of a successful upload. There is the possibility of enabling multiple file uploads if necessary.


  FileAPI - a set of JavaScript tools to work with files.


  Plupload UI Widget

Plupload is one of those projects that took a long time to mature, but not because I had no experience. It is because there were a limited number of features that languages ​​could provide for the web at that time. Now that HTML5 is changing the landscape of web development, Plupload can really shine. Plupload is a file-upload management API that provides several tools and features to create enhanced file loaders. You can do this in a few minutes, instead of having to code yours for several weeks.


  JavaScript of Resumable.js for stable and renewable simultaneous loads

This provides a simple file upload environment that allows go up several times, pause and resume loads, and general stability. You can easily split large files into multiple fragments to enable renewable loads. You can be sure that your file will continue to be loaded from the same place where you left it. You can upload your file even when the connection goes crazy in the transition.


  Demos Uploadify

How about a fully functional HTML5 file loader that uses a bit of jQuery to polish the user experience? Well, for those interested, we can recommend Uploadify. The developers built it with a JavaScript library and have that exact purpose in mind. The developers also added a Flash version for those who believe in old-school traditions. There are existing community forums filled with topics and support questions. But, as far as we can tell, the community forums have not been active in recent years.


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