Tinder is testing Places, a location-sharing feature that matches you with your coffee shop bae

We knew that Tinder Places, the new form of the dating application to connect people through the exchange of locations, was coming, but Tinder officially announced that it is testing the service in Australia and Chile. The places will allow users to find possible matches based on the places they travel, be it a dog park, a restaurant, a cafeteria or a cinema. The idea, says Tinder, is to give users a mutual interest. It feeds through Foursquare, which has already done all the work of mapping places and identifying public spaces. Tinder says that this technology will avoid sharing private places, including doctors' offices and workplaces.

Each location will be completed about 30 minutes after the user has left and will expire after 28 days. Places will be added automatically if a user opts for the service, but they can be deleted each time a user so wishes. The places are separated from the Tinder glide page. You can alternate to a map screen and slide on possible matches from there. You can only see people who have visited the same places as you, and there is no way to see a user's full map of Places. People you have not matched or blocked will not appear in Places, and if you swipe left in someone in Places, they will not appear there again.

Tinder does not say if or when this service will arrive in the United States. Samantha Stevens, director of localization products at Tinder, says the company is "waiting to see how users adopt and interact with Places in our test markets" and that the company "will evaluate and make adjustments based on comments from the users. " It does not give us much to work! I would be interested to try Places and see how it works. I do not necessarily visit very exclusive bars or cafes, but the idea that I might get to know people from my neighborhood attracts me.

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