This Married Couple Illustrates Their Everyday Problems With A Surreal Twist

Husband and wife, Andreas and Mac Håndlykken know how to make the most of daily discomforts. Illustrators from Oslo, Norway portray situations in their daily lives using hilarious web comics.

Retable and fun, these artists are truly unique in the way they capture their audience. With Mac doing the line work and Andreas coloring the images, they prove to be the perfect team.

The best way to deal with everyday problems? Laugh at them, of course. See these whimsical turns in everyday life.

1. Facial hair can definitely change a man's appearance for better or for worse. The spectrum begins in the caveman and reaches babyface.

2. Homework is never fun, unless, of course, you have a good imagination. Note: pay attention to neighbors who stare

3. We all know the annoyance of losing that crucial sock that will never be seen again. So, this is the answer to the mystery!

4. If you like hot sauce, you love hot sauce! Do not let the fear of bursting into flames prevent you from spraying your food, right?

5. "Ahh my eyes," says everyone who looks at the screen of his phone first thing in the morning. Spend your sunglasses, right?

6. Anyone with arachnophobia can surely relate to this. Put on the hazardous materials suits, grab the blowtorch, it's a spider!

7. Those fearsome dreams, vividly realistic. You arrive late to work massively, trying with all your strength to arrive on time, only to wake up and realize that it is Sunday.

8. Are not cats the best? We love them so much that we even carry hundreds of bits of them wherever we go.

9. The people of the dog connect with other people of the dog. Well, except for those grumpy and antisocial dogs that we encounter from time to time.

10. If the only exercise you are doing is through daily household chores, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of illusion, right?

11. Dun Dun … Dun Dun … You never know what might lurk beneath you in the lake. Especially, if you have an overactive imagination.

12. Do not you feel that way sometimes? You are simply walking, taking care of your own business when your evil furniture betrays you.

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