Android 9 Pie was officially released today, but there was one thing missing in the announcement: the statue. You see, Google creates a statue to display on its Mountain View campus for each new Android dessert version. Lately, the statues were becoming obsolete, although the Oreo showed some improvements. The statue for Android 9 Pie, however, marks the return to boring bugdroids.

The statue, which was unveiled at 3:14 pm PT, only consists of the bugdroid waving with a cake on its left and a slice of cake on its right. This follows the same formula used by the statue of Nougat similarly uninspired: a bugdroid with arms beside some desserts on the floor. In addition to that, the inside of the cake does not shout "cake"; I thought it was granada at first.

What happened to the legitimately creative statues? The Ice Cream Sandwich statue comes to mind, as does the KitKat statue. We can only hope that the Android Q (which will be difficult to name) are a bit more creative.