This Instagram Account Is Posting Rarely Seen Old Photos Of Celebrities, And Its 369,000+ Followers Can’t Get Enough

We all tend to admire other people who in one way or another influence our lives. Let it be our families, friends or those whom you have never met but who find really attractive for what they do. And those people are usually the ones who entertain us with their incredible acting skills, beautiful songs, intelligent appearance in public that usually makes us forget that they are just one of us.

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This Instagram account is called Velvet Coke about our beloved celebrities down to earth. It collects old and rarely seen photographs of famous people who for the most part only live their daily lives and take us back decades ago. A certain type of feelings and interesting facts that accompany some of those images gives us back the nostalgia of the old days, and almost 370k followers on Instagram find it difficult to manage.

Have you ever seen Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney doing the dishes together? Scroll down and it will!

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