This app reads Wikipedia to teach you about the cities you’re driving through

If you are a Wiki addict you love local curiosities, now there is an application that will read it to you.

Developed by Malte Ubl, the technology leader of Google's AMP project, the application detects the geolocation of a user and combines it with relevant Wikipedia articles. The application reads the articles aloud, a kind of intelligent passenger who knows all about the history of the city through which he drives (or walks).

For the curious, the program also allows users to click to find other interesting curiosities from nearby places. It is configured to work in Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers that support GPS and speech synthesis. The application was created using Glitch, a website started by Anil Dash last year that allows programmers to create bite-sized web applications.

"I became [the app] for me, because I often walk by places and thought it would be good to learn more about my environment while they have nothing better to do sitting behind the wheel, "said Ubl The Verge.

However, the system is not perfect. According to the comments in the initial Twitter posts, some people in Vienna, Virginia, were read. about Vienna, Austria, and the people of Cambridge, New York learned about Cambridge in the United Kingdom, probably because these are the first articles that appear when one searches for the names of these cities on the site.

As Ubl mentioned in the Twitter post, he is welcoming patches to fix these (and any other) problems.

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