These Are The Black Friday Sales You Should Avoid

Make no mistake about it: Black Friday is bigger than ever. According to the latest statistics, 66 million Americans place high purchases on their priority list. In 2017, Black Friday sales brought a record $ 5 billion only through online outlets, according to Adobe Digital Insights data, and 2018 is synonymous with even larger purchases. This year, consumers are as insatiable as ever for Black Friday offers, as the National Retail Foundation expects sales to reach 4.1 percent by 2018.

However, before leaving at 5 am to mark A new TV or Sous vide machine, make sure you know which stores offer real deals and what store sales you should avoid at all costs.

Target iPhone offer

On the surface, Target's Black Friday iPhone promotion does not seem so bad. This year, each iPhone XS or XS Max in Verizon, Sprint or AT & T that you buy in the store comes with a $ 250 Target gift card, and each iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X comes with a $ 150 gift card. However, what makes this sale not worth it, is the fact that you can get better deals from Black Friday at other major retailers. Go to Walmart, for example, and you can get a $ 300 or $ 400 gift card, depending on the type of iPhone you choose to buy.

  Mini loudspeaker for the home of Google {Black Friday Sales} Image via Pixabay [19659009] 2
Mini offer of Google Home for Target

Thanks to the growing popularity of smart devices for Home, the Google Home Mini smart speaker will surely be a hot topic this Black Friday. However, if you are looking for the best investment, then it is best to avoid the $ 25 Target offer and opt for some of the packages offered by other retailers. For example, those $ 25 will give you the same speaker and a smart light bulb at Lowe's, and for $ 20 more, you can get a Google Home Mini, a Chromecast, and ] to $ 15 VUDU credit to spend on movies and music.

 target sale section {Black Friday Sales}

Target Black Friday clothing offerings

If there's one thing that Target fans know, it's that the store is packed of settlement sections with items with up to 90 percent discount at all times. Of course, the store's Black Friday sale includes offers on clothing items (such as technological gloves for 66 percent off and Wrangler and Universal Thread garments for men and women for $ 15 per pair), but you can easily find them the same offers, if not the best ones.

 KitchenAid Mixers {Black Friday Sales}

Macy's KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Deal

Seeing as KitchenAid stand mixers are always always high demand , any sale in this coveted kitchen appliance feels like a bargain. However, buyers should be careful with Macy's Black Friday deal this year: although the Artisan Stand Mixer will be on sale for $ 279.99, Bloomingdale's just offered the same model for $ 20 less, and retailers like Williams Sonoma constantly offer big discounts on the popular

  Amazon Echo Device Image via Amazon

Amazon Amazon Echo Deal

Even though Amazon is the Creator of Amazon Echo, the online retailer is not going to give you the best offer of Black Friday when it comes to your smart device. Last year, the company, which tends to stick to the same discounts every black Friday, valued its signature product at $ 30 below the retail value. And while it may seem like a great deal, it pales in comparison to Echo's Kohl & # 39; s offer: for that exact discounted price, you can buy the same item this year and you will get $ 15 in cash from Kohl & # 39; s. 19659025] Xbox One "width =" 1024 "height =" 384 "data-recalc-dims =" 1 "/> Image via Xbox

Offers from Walmart and Target for Xbox One [19659006] This year, large retailers such as Walmart and Target offer the same Black Friday offer: For $ 200, you get an Xbox One S 1TB console, an Xbox wireless controller and a Minecraft I Starter Pack, however, if you buy this package from Minecraft at Kohl's, you'll get all the same items for the same price plus $ 60 in cash from Kohl's to spend on other gadgets and gadgets, basically putting your total at only $ 140.

  EOS Beauty Gift Set {Black Friday Sales} Image via Target

Target BOGO beauty offers

One of Target's many Black Friday promotions this year is 50% discount on all cosmetics, beauty and personal care.Care gift sets.However, according to Tr ent Hamm the creator of the simple The Money blog, The Simple Dollar, a BOGO agreement is not a deal at all, since items listed as BOGO are often marked and most of the time "items are not really things you want to start with. "

  Doorbell {Black Friday Sales} Image through the ring

Ring offerings in the ring of the Best Buy video

This year, the best Black's offer Friday for the Ring Video Doorbell 2 has two elements: you not only get $ 60 off, you also get a free Amazon Echo Dot with the purchase. However, you should be careful with this type of offers that offer free items as an incentive to buy products. Unless you were already looking to buy an Echo Dot, then this deal is not really that good, and you could get a lower price on a Ring at another retailer like Target, where the Black Friday sale puts the doorbell on the door of the video (even if it's another model) at $ 40 cheaper.

 Gift Card {Black Friday Sales}

Best Buy gift card offers

Gift cards are one of the most sought after purchases of Black Friday sales, And so, of course, any discount offered on these hot-ticket items will look like a good offer. However, you may want to think twice before spending hours online on Black Friday just to get a $ 50 Apple Store gift card for $ 40 at Best Buy. If you plan to buy many gift cards, then it is best to buy them in bulk at Costco, where gift card packages worth $ 100 start at $ 70 (and are available year-round).

<img class = "size-large wp-image-107494" src = " 1024% 2C1024 & ssl = 1 "alt =" Fujifilm Instax Camera [19659021] Image via Fujifilm

Kohl Fujifilm Instax Agreement

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is a fun and portable camera that photographers Professionals and amateur photographers enjoy wearing those worthy photos worthy of more than a mere Instagram post this year, Kohl's offers the camera at $ 59 with the additional bonus of $ 15 in cash from Kohl, and Although this seems to be a great price, you can often find the online camera with the same discount, if not the best. (In fact, if you review Unique Photo now, you will find an even better package of vacation packages for the same price.

 Air Fryer {Black Friday Sales} Image via Air Fryer XL

] JCPenney's Power XL AirFryer Deal

Air fryers are one of those kitchen appliances that everyone wants but nobody needs, which makes them the perfect purchase for Black Friday. But while many large retailers are bidding on the popular Power Air Fryer XL this year, some Black Friday sales are significantly better than others. For example, although the JCPenney $ 70 discount on the $ 140 3.4 qt. Air Fryer XL looks like a good deal, it does not seem like a bargain when you consider it at Kohl's, the highest of 5.3 qt. the version of the air fryer is sold on Black Friday at $ 80 with $ 15 at Kohl's Cash.

 Anova Sous Vide {Black Friday Sales}

Best Buy offer in Anova Sous Vide Deal

Unless absolutely you need a sous vide in this second It is better to wait until the price of the popular kitchen appliance goes down even more. Sure, the $ 100 offer from Best Buy is a big discount compared to the retail price of Anova Precision Cooker of $ 160, but it's nothing compared to $ 70, which is exactly how much Amazon offered it in Prime Day Although the 2018 Prime Day offers are obviously no longer available, Anova Sous Vide is popular enough to go on sale again, and if you are diligent in reviewing the list of items on Amazon, you are bound to find a better option. price eventually.

 Family who buys a television {Black Friday Sales}

Smart TV offers from Walmart

If your ultimate goal is to return home from all Black Friday sales with a new television, then you might want to hit Target or Kohl's before Walmart. Although the retail giant is offering decent discounts on smart TVs, what they are not offering is refunds in cash or gift card bonuses, and so while could get a VIZIO 60 "4K Smart TV at Walmart for $ 498, you'd better get Samsung's 4K 4K smart TV at Kohl's for $ 550 with $ 165 in cash from Kohl.

 Amazon Echo Spot {Black Friday Sales} Image via Amazon

Amazon Echo Spot Package Offer

Do not be fooled by Amazon's package deals this Black Friday. Although the retailer is offering its exclusive Echo Spot and Echo Dot products for $ 130, the two smart devices can be purchased separately in most stores for less. (Just take an Eco point in Kohl's for $ 24 and go to Best Buy to get an echo point for $ 90 and that's $ 16 more in savings right there).

 Roku Ultra {Black Friday Sales} Image via Roku [19659009] 15
Roku Ultra Offer by Target

Both the sale of Target Black Friday and the sale of Walmart Black Friday includes a Roku Ultra with JBL headsets for approximately $ 50. However, what makes Walmart's offer better than Target's is the fact that, in addition to offering a $ 50 discount, the store also includes a Sling credit of $ 35 and a free month of Showtime with any purchase of a Roku player.

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