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The Sims 2 Mac Free download Complete Collection Super Edition with all DLC and updates for Mac OS X DMG Free download Mac OS Games 2018 The best website How to get free Mac games Collection of Sims 2 Download Mac OS.

Overview of the Sims 2 Mac:

An inspiring sequel to one of the best sims sims is now available for the Mac platform. The free download of The Sims 2 is undoubtedly a legendary video game simulation of the sims. Real life based on different characters. With ice on the cake, you can now set goals for your sims and test their skills. Be the master of evolution and modify the genes of your sims to observe the impact on their lives. Probably, one of the best features of the free download of Sims 2 Mac is the later ability of the genes of the characters of the Sims. Each set of sims will have completely different DNA and will also produce different offspring than the other set. You can also take a look at The Sims 4 for Mac OS, which is a later release of the game. There are no predefined goals set in the game, allowing you to be completely creative and make your own decisions.

However, every decision you make in the free download of The Sims 2 Mac will write the story of the game differently. In short, your decisions are what makes the story of the legendary sims video game. In a completely uncivilized world and in the early days of humanity, you can compose and write your own rules in this world. However, in the early stages of the game, you can select only a batch of sims and explore their life events. To summarize, in a few words, spend your time. Sims is definitely the choice of the game you are looking for.

Sims 2 Mac free download:

  • Tons of DLC and updates
  • All DLC and expansion packages included [19659008] And much more you can discover


System requirements

1 :: Operating system :: OS X 10.7 O on-wards
2 :: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Equivalent
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 09
5 :: Graphics :: Any graphics card can work
6 :: Storage space :: 10 GB of space

How to install this game Look here

Standard Mac installation


The Sims 2 Mac Collection Download Free appeared first in World Of PC Games.

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