The Resident Evil 2 remake is coming on January 25th

Sony has just shown the first preview of Capcom's new version of Resident Evil 2 that sees Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield fighting to survive in a Raccoon City invaded by zombies. The trailer does not feature a live game mode, but is completely rendered in 3D; the game apparently moves away from the borrowed funds of the original game, as well as the remake of the first Resident Evil . Capcom says it presents a "new camera mode over the shoulder and a modernized control scheme," suggesting it will play more like Resident Evil 4 than 2 .

Capcom announced that it was developing a Resident Evil 2 a new version almost three years ago, and since then nothing has been heard. However, the game comes sooner than expected: the release date is set for January 25, 2019. It will reach PS4, of course, as well as Xbox One and PC; Capcom says that the images will be in 4K but they have not become more specific.

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