The Remarkable Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Are you curious about lifting weights, but you're not sure why you should start?

You're in the right place!

I will reveal the mental and bodily benefits of lifting weights and tell you why it will literally transform your life.

Discover the secret of strength training for women, and why you should start today.

  • 8 Truths about strength training

    You will boost your social capital

    We could all use more friends! Although, many times our insecurity about our bodies and our appearances can prevent us from presenting the best of ourselves in the world.

    This lack of confidence that we have about our identity may be enough to prevent us from seeking new relationships both offline and online.

    Weight lifting can positively change how you feel about yourself. You will experience an impulse of confidence in yourself in many areas of your life, such as in your career, in your personal relationships, and especially in the relationship you have with yourself.

    Safer people are linked to higher incomes, more friends and – if you are single – with more desirable characteristics as a potential partner.

    Increasing self-confidence creates more opportunities to strengthen current relationships and attract additional relationships because you were assertive enough to look for them.

    New friends and contacts lead to richer life experiences and expanded opportunities in all areas of your life.

    Weight training helps you to expose yourself more often and gives you the confidence to believe that people will value what you have to offer. 19659014] You'll love the way you look

    If you've ever seen the before and after images in your Instagram or Facebook feed, then you know that physically inspired images are a rage these days.

    The most interesting before and after photos are those in which women weigh the same in both photos but look totally different. Not only are they thinner, thinner and more toned, but their weight has not changed!

    How is it possible?

    I have two words for you: lift weights. It is unfortunate that the # 1 method for women who want to lose weight is to do excess cardio, especially when the scale has stopped moving and they have stopped seeing the results.

    Cardio and a proper diet will definitely help you lose weight, but without a lifting routine, you will lose muscle mass at the same time. This is the reason why when most people move away from more strict diets, the weight comes back directly.

    Your baseline metabolism is determined by how much muscle you have.

    When you have less muscle, due to repeated diets and cardio. Then your body can not handle the extra calories consumed when you leave the diet. This results in fat storage and weight gain and a serious setback for your self-esteem.

    If you add strength training to your routine, you will not find the same problem because you have increased your overall metabolism by building muscle while lowering your body fat. You will not only have more muscle than when you started, but you will notice when you look in the mirror that also has more tone, shape and firmness in general.

    Strength training is the reason why women look thinner after their transformations, but they still weigh the same. A thinner and stronger body is the final result of lifting weights regularly.

    You can focus on becoming more

    When it comes to being healthy, we are obsessed with the number on the scale and dictates how we feel the rest of the day.

    We become very aware that we eat and are demanding with what we eat. We start by classifying our meals as "bad" & # 39; in front of & # 39; good & # 39 ;, which initiates an unhealthy relationship with food. In addition to this, the means condition us that we must look in a certain way and comply with the specific cultural standards of the body.

    With weight training we ignore the scale.

    Instead, we focus on how much we can raise today, the number in pesos (instead of the scale) and we set our sights on raising more than we did last week.

    Unknowingly we began to become models for women in the gym and other women in our lives by focusing on what really matters in our fitness journey: our health and strength, not the number on the scale.

    You will experience self-love!

    Lifting weights will positively change your identity of who you are in many ways.

    When you did not see the scale change as fast as you would like, you may have embraced the idea that you have a slow metabolism.

    Maybe you are the person who had every legitimate excuse under the sun about why he did not exercise today, with the lack of time as the main excuse. You felt that other people who are fit only have more willpower than you and possibly only blessed with good genetics.

    But when you start lifting weights, how you describe who you are will start to change.

    You become the person who says "I am someone who takes care of myself and I make sure to do my workouts". The idea that should exercise every day becomes I should exercise every day. 19659002] Start identifying and implementing healthier habits, such as eating more vegetables, sleeping 8 hours and controlling your stress levels.

    Start walking down the street with a more secure posture. You feel more in control and you get more competitive in every situation.

    Ultimately, strength training will start you to stay higher. It will raise the standard in all areas of your life to become a better version of yourself.

    You will challenge your self-imposed limitations

    One of the most gratifying results of lifting weights is to see how strong and capable you are. You may not have tried yourself, or even been able to lift so much weight, but you are capable of much more than you think.

    When you're training for strength, the challenge is between you and you. .

    How much effort did you bring to the gym floor last week, and how much are you going to bring to the floor today?

    Progress becomes very clear with strength training. It's a "yes" or a "no" about whether you raised more this week than you did last week and if you brought 100% of your effort.

    You are surprised and satisfied how much you can lift when it is something you really want.

    We all need to get out of our way and break the self-imposed limitations that we have for ourselves. You will become stronger and you will feel stronger when you raise it.

    You will build a stronger muscle

    Weight training strengthens muscles and bones.

    As women, we have a hormone called estrogen, which plays an important role in helping you maintain your bone density.

    From the age of 35, our bone mass begins to decrease, which increases the risk of developing osteoporosis; This may go unnoticed until a bone fracture occurs.

    After menopause, bone loss begins to accelerate, increasing the risk of weakened and fragile bones. During the first five to ten years of menopause, women can lose up to 25 to 30% of their bone density. [1]

    If you're between 20 and 30 years old, lifting weights regularly means you can help maintain your bone density after menopause.

    It is much easier to maintain your current bone density than to build it once you have stopped producing estrogen, but it is never too late to start.

    Activities that include weight training are important for the maintenance and improvement of bone health. [19659002] Although it is important to stay active throughout your life, resistance training has a greater positive effect on bone density than other types of exercise. [2].

    Having strong, dense bones to go through their golden years is important for long-term health.

    Stronger bones decrease your chances of having fractures, which means you can stay out of the nursing home or assisted living centers for as long as possible when you're retired.

    You will grow old with grace

    Lifting weights not only strengthens bones, but also helps you to age gracefully and live your terms for as long as possible.

    Aging is an inevitable part of life, but we can choose if we allow life to pass bill or if we will grow physically and mentally each year.

    Interested in anti-aging?

    Of course I do. Strength training is one of the many ways to achieve it.

    This type of exercise can transform you into a younger person. Keep and develop muscles that help your posture to stay upright, master the tasks of life and make it easier every day.

    The more you work inside the gym, the easier your life will be outside of it.

    Having healthy muscles gives you the ability to go up and down stairs with ease. You can pick things up without hurting your back and get up easily if you fall. If you need to pack and move from home, it is not a problem because you have the strength and ability to do so.

    Well-known nurse and palliative care author Bronnie Ware wrote several books that analyze the main remorse of dying patients. He concluded that "health provides a freedom that very few know, until they no longer have it".

    Lifting weights will give you the strength and ability to take care of yourself for decades to come.

    When you have this freedom of health, you will instantly have a better quality of life.

    You can take your cake and eat it too

    This is by far the best benefit of strength training.

    Eating is one of the many pleasures of life and judging by the waistline of Americans, most will agree. The average person, without knowing it, earns between 3 and 5 pounds each year, and most of that weight gain happens around the holidays.

    As we get older, we tend to become more sedentary. This is the reason why weight gain accelerates in our middle age despite the fact that our diets have not changed much. Inactivity composed of age-related muscle loss causes us to naturally gain weight.

    The good news is that all this can be prevented completely.

    What if you can eat more, but still stay slim?

    strength training, you can. In fact, lifting weights helps you maintain your current lean muscle mass and build more as well.

    Not only will you look better in clothes, but you will accelerate your metabolism. This means that you will have freedom of action in your body. diet to eat a little more without consequences in your waist.

    Start raising today for a better tomorrow tomorrow

    Are you being pumped to start lifting weights, but not sure where or how to start? [19659002] There are many different options to help you get started, but when looking for a plan, consider three things:

    1. Find a plan that works for you now, not one that works in your ideal situation or in your ideal week.

    If you only have 2 days a week you can constantly dedicate to training, then find a plan that is a 2-day strength training program and start with that. You will only feel frustrated if you can not follow a plan exactly, since you will not get the results you are looking for.

    2. Schedule your workouts on your calendar and respect.

    The results come from coherence, not from a perfect plan. If you do not spend time on the power train, it will not happen and you will not see any change.

    3. Focus on your form.

    This is to make sure you activate and activate the correct muscles and also to stay safe and free of injuries.

    Lifting weights is about building the connection between the mind and the body. If you do not feel that your muscles are working, then it is not working. There are many videos and YouTube websites that will help you get your correct form or hire an experienced trainer, the investment is worth it.

    Are you convinced that lifting weights can benefit your body in more ways than one? Start today and get the many benefits of strength training!

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