In Android P DP5, Google took the voice icon that it launched to the Assistant for some inexplicable reason. However, in numerous Pixel 3 leaks, we saw a new Wizard button in its place. Now that Pixel 3 is in our hands, we can grab the APK and bring that button to everyone.

Left: Android P DP4. Center: Android P DP5. Right: Pixel 3 launcher.

So far, the changes we've found in Pixel 3 & # 39; s Pixel Launcher have been minimal. The Wizard icon has also been added to the G pill in the application drawer, which should be useful. Another difference is that adaptive icons are now forced on all icons, so now a completely uniform appearance is possible even with older applications that are no longer updated. That's why the weather shortcut has gotten a plate of food behind.

Left: Old. Right: New.

You will also notice that the space in the application launcher has grown slightly. We're not sure why Google felt the need to do this, but now things are a little more separate.

Left: Previous. Right: New.

There have also been some settings in the application switcher. The space and the size of the opaque area have been adjusted, and now there is a small arrow on the pill G. However, the main change here is the interface that appears when you touch the application icon to enter the split screen mode, View application information or fix the application. Google has abandoned the emerging effect for a more refined look. Since this is a different user interface element, the animation has been changed to be displayed without problems when the icon is touched. Hat tipped to Nick Cipriani for this.

If you are interested, we have Pixel Launcher v9-4902955 on APK Mirror ready to download. Let us know if you discover something else that is new.

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