The Galaxy Note 9 hits the FCC, with launch of Samsung’s next flagship presumably on the horizon

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 probably will not be officially announced until August, if there is any history. But we're definitely getting closer to seeing Samsung's next flagship phone, with the Note 9 going through the FCC this week (via Android Police ).

There are not many details in the actual presentations, as is often the case with the first FCC lists, most of the interesting things are hidden behind the confidentiality requests, but at least it is a confirmation that the phone It exists and is very close to being finalized Also going through the FCC is a presentation for a Galaxy Tab S4, which would also make sense for an update sometime this summer, considering that it has been more than a year since the Tab was launched S3. Bloomberg previously reported that Samsung was targeting an August 9 announcement for Note 9.

As in previous years, the Note 9 is expected to be a larger enhanced version of the Galaxy S9 that Samsung released before this year. Like the S9 – in essence it's a refined S8 – the Note 9 will probably look like an enhanced Note 8, presumably with the same opening aperture camera upgrades that Samsung introduced with the S9, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor faster and , of course, an S Pen.

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