The first electric Vespa costs more than $7,000

Two years after its announcement, the first all-electric Vespa scooter is about to go on sale in Europe, and parent company Piaggio finally shared the starting price: € 6,390, or just over $ 7,300. That's almost twice as expensive as some of the cheaper gasoline scooters. The advance orders are now available in Europe before the date of shipment of the scooter later this year, while customers in the United States and China will have to wait until the beginning of 2019.

Vespa Elettrica, as the It has approximately 62 miles of range, takes about four hours to fully charge from a standard wall outlet, and the battery should last approximately 10 years of use. It offers a maximum power of 4 kW, or approximately 5.2 horsepower, which is approximately the same as a 50 cc scooter (although with a range about three times smaller than its gas counterpart). There is also a 4.3 inch TFT color screen between the handlebars.

Piaggio did not announce prices or any new information about the Elettrica X, a hybrid version of the electric scooter that the company insulted last year . Milan motorcycle show It is assumed that the Elettrica X is, in general, the same as the fully electric version, but with a small gas generator that can be used to extend the range to approximately 124 miles. We hope the company has more information ready for the 2018 Milan Motorcycle Show, which starts in a month.

The electric scooter felt more like a strange addition to the scooter scene when it was announced in 2016. But in the time that Piaggio has been slow to reach the market, a series of electric scooters have come out onto the street, both startups as incumbents. . The Chinese startup Niu (not to be confused with the electric car company NIO) launched a full line of electric scooters in their home country. Taiwan's largest two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer, Kymco, finally bought the electric transmissions this year with a scooter that uses interchangeable batteries. Yamaha and Honda have also partnered in the development of an electric scooter. And the beloved 2015 CES, Gogoro, has distributed its electric scooters, which can be bought and shared, in several countries in Asia and Europe.

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