The Finder Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Basic actions of the search engine Cmd + N Open new window Cmd + T Open new tab Cmd + W Close active window
¹Close active tab Shift + Cmd + W ¹Close active window Option + Cmd + W Close all windows
¹Close all tabs except the active tab Option + Shift + Cmd + W ¹Close all windows Cmd + O Open selected items Option + Cmd + O Open selected items and close active window or active tab [19659018] Shift + Cmd + N Create new folder Control + Cmd + N Create new folder and move the selected item to it Cmd + I Show the panel Get information for the selected item (s) Option + Cmd + I Show Inspe panel ctor for selected items Cmd + P Open the selected file for printing Enter Rename selected item Cmd + C Copy selected item (s) to clipboard Option + Cmd + C ² Copy path of the selected item to the clipboard Cmd V Paste items from the clipboard Option + Cmd + V Move selected item (s) to the location active, ie cut (paste) element (s) Cmd + Z Undo the last action Shift + Cmd + Z Reverse "Undo action" Cmd + D [19659003] Duplicate selected elements Control + Cmd + A Create alias for selected elements Option + Control + Cmd + A Locate original element for selected aliases [19659048] ³Space Open preview Quick view of selected items ionados ³Cmd + Y Open preview preview of selected elements ³Option + Cmd + Y Open slide show or full screen Quick View preview of selected elements Control + Cmd + T Add shortcuts to the sidebar for selected items Control + Shift + Cmd + T Add selected items to the Dock [19659058] Cmd + Remove Move item (s) ) selected to Trash Option + Cmd + Delete Delete selected item (s) immediately Shift + Cmd + Delete Empty Trash Option + Shift + Cmd + Delete [19659003] Empty Trash immediately, that is, without warning dialog Cmd + E Eject the selected disk or volume Cmd + F Open a Finder search window (the bar Search is activated automatically camente) Option + Cmd + Space Open a Finder search window even when Finder is not active View and sort options Cmd + 1 Switch to icon view [19659070] Cmd + 2 Switch to list view [19659077] Cmd + 3 Switch to column view Cmd + 4 Switch to gallery view Control + Cmd + 0 [19659003] ⁴ Sort items in groups Control + Option + Cmd + 0 Sort items by None Control + Option + Cmd + 1 Sort items by Name Control + Option + Cmd + 2 Sort items by Type Control + Opt ion + Cmd + 3 Sort items by last opening date Control + Option + Cmd + 4 Sort items by Added Date Control + Option + Cmd + 5 Sort items by Modified [19659095] Control + Option + Cmd + 6 Sort items by size Control + Option + Cmd + 7 Sort items by tags Option + Cmd + 1 Clean items by name [19659101] Option + Cmd + 2 Clean items by type Option + Cmd + 5 Clean items by modification date Option + Cmd + 6 Clean items by size [19659107] Option + Cmd + 7 Clean items by tags [19659100] Option + Cmd + S Toggle sidebar Option + Cmd + T Toggle toolbar and sidebar Shift + Cmd + T Toggle tab bar Option + Cmd + P Toggle route bar Shift + Cmd + P Toggle sidebar preview Cmd + / (diagonal bar) Toggle status bar Cmd + J Show display options for acti folder five Shift + Cmd +. (Period) Toggle hidden file visibility Up arrow Icon view, gallery view: Select last item List view: Select element above Column view: Select last item if no item is selected, otherwise select the previous item Down arrow Icon view, Gallery view: Select the first item List view: Select the item below [19659123] Column view: Select the first element if no element is selected, otherwise select the element below [19659133] Left arrow Icon view: Select element on the left List view: Collapse folder Column view: Select main folder Gallery view: Select the last item if no item is selected, otherwise select click the first item on the left Right arrow Icon view: Select item on the right List view: Expand folder Column view: Select child item Gallery view: Select the first item if no item is selected, otherwise, select the first item on the right Tab Icon, List and Gallery View: scroll through i items in the forward direction Shift + Tab Icon, list and gallery view: scroll backwards Cmd + Up arrow Open closing folder (main) Cmd + Down arrow Select the First item or open the selected items ⁵Cmd + [ Go one step back ⁵Cmd +] Go one step forward Access to standard search engine locations [19659156] Shift + Cmd + F Open recent window Shift + Cmd + O Open document folder Shift + Cmd + D Open desktop folder Option + Cmd + L [19659003] Open folder Download Shift + Cmd + H Open start folder of the current user account Shift + Cmd + C Open computer window Shift + Cmd + R Open AirDrop window Shift + Cmd + K Open network window Shift + Cmd + I Open iCloud unit Shift + Cmd + A Open application folder [19659176] Shift + Cmd + U Open utility folder Shift + Cmd + G Open dialog to jump to the folder using the path name Cmd + K Open Connect to utility Server Cmd +, (Coma) Open Finder Preferences Window Management Cmd + M Minimize active window Option + Cmd + M Minimize all windows Cmd + `(Backquote) Scroll through windows (not minimized) Cmd + H Hide search Option + Cmd + H Hide all applications except Finder Cmd + Q Exit the browser Mouse-based shortcuts Cmd-Click Open the element of the sidebar in a new tab or window Cmd-Drag the toolbar / sidebar item Add item to the toolbar / sidebar -Drag file / folder To the toolbar / sidebar: Add a shortcut To any location on the disk: Move the item there Esc Cancel the drag-and-drop action midway Double-click splitter in Column View Resize the colu corresponding mna to fit the element with the longest name Option + double-click divider in Column View Resize all columns to fit the elements with the longest name in every Option-Drag the divider in the column View Change the size of the columns equally Option and click Menu Go Show link to the Library folder uandoWhen the window has multiple tabs
²If multiple items are selected, the path of the first item will be copied.
³If no item is selected, preview the main folder with Quick View.
⁴It does not work in Gallery View.
⁵Based on the tab / window history

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