The BEST Trophy Bases TH10 (FRESH!) 2018 Anti Everything

Are you looking for a solid trophy base for TH10 that will help you to push trophies?

Perfect, it's right here on the right page πŸ™‚ This post here will offer you the most recent and powerful basic designs for Town Hall 10 that will help you promote trophies and defend your resources.

All the bases here have the latest techniques in basic design to defend well against all popular attacks.

TH10 Trophy Base – General Information 2018 [19659005] Before I begin, I want to explain to you that the trophy bases you will find here are the REAL trophy bases: they only have the purpose of defending as much as possible and also leaving the stores in the outside.

If I still need resources, I prefer to see one of the hybrid databases I just updated here:

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The best trophy bases TH10

Please note that some bases are built with higher City Hall accounts, but the buildings used are only those available for their City Hall Level .

Base Designs June 2018

Anti-Base 2-Star Town Hall Trophies 10

This base comes with a new defensive concept and I really like it: the Clan Castle Offset in the North should always be full of annoying troops like Bruges, Valkyries or Lava Hound to close the Queen's Walks. All the layers here will give a hard time to the ground attack troops with many free spaces that could channel the troops away from the Town Hall.

[19659002] Click on the image or here to download this design base or see some defensive repetitions here .

My recommendation for you right now for sure πŸ™‚

Titan League TH10 Trophy base

Here we have a base that can withstand the highest leagues (well, do not expect 0 star defenses against the maximum of TH12) and minimize the cups that you will lose. even against taller players.

 TH10 Trophy Base Titan League

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or see some defensive repetitions here .

Base Designs April 2018

Grand Trophy Anti-2-Star Base TH 10

This base may seem easy and easy to beat first, but the truth is the opposite: with extremely unpleasant locations of X -Bow and Air Defense, inevitable Pumps Towers and tons of interesecciΓ³n of walls, this bas is in fact one of the most difficult to decipher in Town Hall 10

 th 10 base of trophies against 2 stars coc ]

Click on image or here to download here base design or look at some defensive repetitions here .

My recommendation for you right now for sure πŸ™‚

Base Designs February 2018

Strong Trophy Pushing Base Layout Town Hall 10

Here you can see a solid trophy base design for TH10. The outer perimeter makes it difficult to build a solid funnel into the base and the left side also presents a pleasant surprise for any attempt to load the queen.

 best th10 trophy push base layout coc coc 2018 [19659002] Click image or here to download this base design or see some defensive reps here .

Most of the attackers are forced to come from the left or upper / lower side and will walk directly towards all the traps that are there; many times this will end in a small attack of 1 star or also in a failed attack πŸ™‚

Base trophies anti 1 star TH10

First of all, sorry for the poor image quality, but the base is simply too good to not have it here πŸ™‚

This trophy base for City Hall 10 makes it extremely difficult for any attacker to reach the core and most of the time you will see your troops walking around the central section collecting garbage buildings. [19659002]   trophy of the best city hall 10 pushing the design of the base coc

Click on the image or here to download this basic design or see some defensive repetitions here .

Go ahead and look at the defensive reps I linked you up to and you'll see that this base will defend very well against all kinds of attacks πŸ™‚

Titan League TH10 Trophy push base design

This base design has proven to be worthy in the Titan League many times. The Inferno Towers are often the ones that stop any Queen's Charge (configure them in Unique Mode!) Because they are in a place that the queen will attack for the last time.

 Design of the trophy base of the Titan League for TH10

Click on the image or here to download this base design or see some defensive repetitions here .

Next to that is, the core is with enough dead zone around which the troops will love to walk around it and the external stores will motivate the agricultural attackers to ignore the stars and take the easy booty πŸ™‚

Yes you are using the resources, you may want to try a hybrid base instead.

Throw base for the anti-aircraft trophy TH10

This base is a nightmare for air strikes with air sweepers placed on the sides and attacking from the bottom or top is not a good idea because such attacks never opt for the core πŸ™‚

 anti air th10 trophy pushing the base

Click on the image or here to download this base design.

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