The best Samsung Galaxy S9 battery cases to keep you powered up

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Samsung Galaxy S9 is a technical marvel of a machine. It combines the raw power of the Snapdragon 845, an attractive appearance and an amazing double-opening camera that removes the socks to anyone who dares to look at it. But if there is something we are not sure of, it is the size of the battery. A battery capacity of 3,000 mAh is not small, but we have discovered that you may have trouble reaching a full day quite frequently.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve that problem. The battery cases offer all the protection options of a good case, but also include an additional battery that can extend the life of your phone's battery. Here are our selections:

i-Blades Smartcase modular with Smartblade ($ 99)

  smartblade best galaxy s9 battery cases

The battery covers can be quite large, and you do not always need that extra power in each moment. If you do not want to carry a bulky suitcase all the time, check out the Smartcase with Smartblade from i-Blades. The extra power of the battery comes in the form of Smartblade, which adjusts to the back of the Smartcase, providing up to 10 hours of additional battery power. When it is worn, you can quickly separate it and connect another one if you still have more juice. In addition, you can expand your available memory with the SD card slot of the Smartblade. Interestingly, the Smartcase also monitors the quality of the air around you, and the housing itself is thin, light and made of a durable polycarbonate shell with a soft touch finish.

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i-Blades [19659010] Battery case ZeroLemon 4,700mAh ($ 40)

  Battery cases zerolemon best galaxy s9

If you are looking for something cheaper that does not disappoint you, ZeroLemon is well known for supplying batteries for good value for money. 4,700 mAh of extra power offers around 32 hours of extra talk time, according to ZeroLemon, and it also comes with a battery indicator on the back so you know when it's time to reload. The indicator also works as an on / off switch, so you can choose when you want the case to activate, and it also works as a protective case, with a solid structure and a raised bezel to protect the edges of your phone. It's big and bulky, but when you add this extra battery, wait for some compromises.

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Alpatronix 4,000mAh wireless charging battery box ($ 50) [19659016] alpatronix best galaxy s9 battery cases “/>

If you are looking for a little more of utility in your case of the battery, then you may be tempted by this case of Alpatronix. While not as big as the ZeroLemon case, 4,000mAh of additional power is still a big boost for your Galaxy S9. Definitely going to add some points with the wireless charging fans, since the case still allows you to charge wirelessly. Simply put it on a panel and it will charge the phone and the case at the same time. The housing also offers additional grip and shock absorption with a rubber coating. There are load and sync capabilities when connected to a PC, and a battery indicator on the back means you always know when it's time to charge.

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Casessary 4,500mAh Extended Battery Case ($ 80)

  casessary best galaxy s9 battery cases

Who says that battery cases can not have a little of style? The Casessary battery case comes with a leather-style back panel that adds a touch of fashion to the extra battery, in addition to offering a bit of extra grip. The 4,500 mAh of extra power more than double the battery life of your S9, adding a few hours. Four LED lights on the back show the charge level of the case and use a dynamic power management system to ensure that your phone is not dangerously overloaded. It's big and thick, but it's also quite protective with an elevated bezel, a quilted frame and a hard outer layer.

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Mophie juice pack (~ $ 100)

  mophie best battery cases galaxy s9

Mophie is the undisputed king of the mountain in all battery cases . While Mophie Juice Packs do not always have the greatest capacity, their quality speaks for itself. The Mophie juice package for the Galaxy S9 comes with 2,070mAh of additional battery, and although it is the lowest on this list, Mophie said it is enough to power the phone for an additional 29 hours. It also has priority charging, so plugging in a charger will charge the phone first and then the case. The case itself offers solid protection against falls and padded corners. It is light and thin, and simply one of your best options. It is available in April and will cost you $ 100.

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