The Best Password Manager for Your Mac Is…

Writing passwords on a piece of paper or in a text file is not a safe way to store them and never will be. You need a password management application for the job. For now, let's focus on the best password manager for Mac users.

Fortunately, the five options on our list have an appropriate iOS counterpart, so you can easily access your passwords on the fly.

1. iCloud Keychain

Keychain Access is Apple's free password management application integrated in macOS. It is best used in combination with iCloud sync, which you can configure in System Preferences> iCloud .

This setting (iCloud keychain) allows you to store logins to the website, Wi-Fi passwords, credit card information, and so on. Your data remains accessible on all your Apple devices. iCloud Keychain integrates with Safari and guarantees that the filling of user names, passwords and other data is simple and automatic.

If you have not used a password manager or if you only have Apple devices, iCloud Keychain is the simplest and simplest. Obvious solution to choose. If you decide to continue with this, our iCloud keychain guide

Should you use the iCloud keychain to synchronize passwords on Mac and iOS?

Should I use iCloud Keychain to synchronize passwords on Mac and iOS?

If you mainly use Apple products, why do not you use the company's password manager completely free of charge?
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will be useful.

iCloud Keychain feels restrictive if you switch between Windows and Mac, or if you do not use Safari. And in that case, you may want to choose one of the options with all the functions that we will cover below.

2. Dashlane

  Dashlane user interface on Mac

Dashlane, with its attractive free layer, is perfect for many users. The basic plan is compatible with 50 passwords, a device and the sharing of passwords for up to five accounts.

The application has a unique free feature called Password Changer. This allows you to update old passwords on many of your favorite websites automatically. With a premium subscription to Dashlane, you get unlimited passwords, secure file storage and even a VPN option. In addition, you can use Dashlane on any number of devices.

If you agree with the recurring payments, you may also want to consider 1Password, the next option on our list. It's cheaper than Dashlane for a comparable set of features.

Download: Dashlane (Free, subscription available)

3. 1Password

First let's have an important point on the way: 1Password comes with subscription prices. If you do not want recurring expenses, no matter how good the application is, you can move to the next option on our list.

Leaving aside price models, 1Password is the best there is. Name the function you want in your password management application and 1Password probably has it. It is versatile enough to be perfect for individuals, families and businesses.

Here are some of the features of 1Password that may interest you:

  • Passwords and unlimited devices
  • Multiple password vaults
  • Automatic detection of weak and duplicate passwords
  • Security alerts in case of violations data on the sites you use
  • A dedicated mode to protect device data when traveling
  • Password sharing (only if you register with 1Password Families plan)

You can try 1Password for free for 30 days, and there's no reason not to do it! It is available in macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome OS. If you insist on taking the free route, we have some free 1Password alternatives for you.

Download: 1Password (trial version, subscription required)

4. Secrets

  Secrets of preview of the administrator of passwords in Mac

Secrets is the alternative of 1Password to jump if you hate the subscriptions of applications. You can import passwords to Secrets from 1Password and similar applications or from a CSV file.

You will love being able to generate one-time passwords for services with two-factor authentication enabled from the Secrets application.

 OTP generation in Secrets on Mac

Like Dashlane and 1Password, Secrets has:

  • One audit feature for weak / expired passwords alerts alerts feature to highlight vulnerable passwords after a data breach

The free version of Secrets is a disappointment, since it limits you to only 10 items. But that's more than enough to give you an idea of ​​the application and help you decide if it's worth the $ 20 upgrade for unlimited items. (The update of the complementary application in iOS will cost you another $ 10).

In general, Secrets is clean, polished and a pleasure to use.

Download: Secrets (free premium version available)

5. KeePassXC passwords view

  in KeePassXC on Mac

If you want an open source cross-platform password manager or just want to make sure your data is stored locally, KeePassXC can work for you. It stores your passwords and other confidential information in an encrypted database file on your Mac.

The application interface seems a little outdated. But if you can see beyond that, you will find that KeePassXC is a nice and efficient solution to manage your passwords in macOS. It has dedicated extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Chromium. It does not have an extension for Opera, but it's easy to obtain since you can install Chrome extensions in Opera.

To access your KeePassXC passwords on your iOS devices, look at MiniKeePass, which is one of our favorite iPhone password managers.

The MiniKeePass application supports the KDBX file format, which is the database format in which KeePassXC passwords are stored. If you move the database file to the cloud, you can keep your passwords synchronized in your macOS and iOS devices.

Download: KeePassXC (Free)

Want more options?

While we've reduced our core list to five of the best Mac Password Manager applications, many other good ones are available online. Of course, which of them attracts you depends on what you are looking for. Take a look at these options too:

  • LastPass: A popular choice, despite having lost some of its previous charm after some data breaches
  • Enpass: Unlimited items for free, with a portable version available
  • Password: Free plan available; the premium plan supports Wi-Fi synchronization on all devices in the same network
  • RoboForm: A reliable and low-profile solution that has existed forever
  • Keeper : Best known for its package Family which facilitates the exchange of digital data
  • Bitwarden: A KeePassXC alternative, if you are looking for an open source application

Best password for your Mac It's …

… the one you use.

You know how important it is to create a secure password that you will not forget

How to create a secure password that you will not forget

How to create a secure password that you will not forget

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. But do you really want to take on the burden of generating and then remember a long list of unique passwords? After all, it's better to outsource both tasks to a password manager application: that's what they're designed for.

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