The BEST Farming Bases TH9 (FRESH!) 2018 Loot Protection

If you're looking for a solid foundation to defend your valuable resources for you at City Hall 9, you're in the right place. On this page, you will find the latest and most powerful culture bases for TH9 that will help you maximize your base faster.

All the bases here have the latest techniques in base design to defend well against all the popular

TH9 Culture Base – General Information 2018

Before showing you the designs, some important words on the basis of cultivation in City Hall 9:

With 10 warehouses (4 gold stores, 4 elixir stores, 1 Dark Elixir Storage & Town Hall), it is almost impossible to defend them all. The objective of a good agricultural base in TH9 is:

  • Do not get 3 stars (then everything disappears)
  • Defending the Dark Elixir is the highest priority
  • Losing 3-4 Storages in a defense are absolutely correct and not preventable

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The best agricultural bases TH9

Please note that some bases are built with higher City Hall accounts, but buildings used are only those available for your level of City Hall .

Bases June 2018

Large cultivation base TH9 (ALL RESOURCES)

This base here offers a great location for warehouses that are well protected by the defenses against splash damage that you have in City Hall 9 and the Dark Elixir Storage right in the center of the base where the heroes will defend them well.

With the corner structure of Elixir storage compartments, it is not easy to channel troops in the nucleus cheaply, so this base will protect your resources at a high level.

Click on the image or here to download this base design or see some defensive repetitions here.

Bases, April 2018

Town Hall 9 Dark Elixir Farming Base (THE BEST!)

Double layer protection with walls around the center area with the X-Bows along will protect your Dark Elixir as well as cheap attacking armies who want to cultivate Dark Elixir.

 th 9 dark elixir protection agricultural base design

Click on the image or here to download this basic design or see some defensive ones

Also the balloon attacks will split and surround the nucleus instead of entering, which will save you a good ton of Dark Elixir long term 🙂

TH 9 Farming Base Layout

This the base here also focuses on the protection of its Dark Elixir, but also locates the other Warehouses in places that are not as easy to reach as the previous one.

 City Hall 9, the best agricultural base for April 2018 [19659002]

Click on the image or here to download This base design or watch some defensive repetitions here.

The advantage is, obviously, that you can also protect some Gold and Elixir, but the drawback is that the possibility of someone making a big and strong attack against your base is greater.

If you have decently improved defenses you should still prefer this one here above.

Februray Bases 2018

Protective farm base for gold and dark elixir TH9

This base here will protect your dark Elixir first and also offers second layer protection for Gold.

 th9 farm base 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base design or see some repetitions of the defense here.

When you see the Replays you can see very well that this base will keep the troops out of the core where their Town Hall & Dark Elixir Storage is located. This works well for Balloons & Hog Rider, but also the Bowlers can not hit him with his second shot.

The other compartments will channel the troops into the outer ring, so you will not lose so many stores in an attack.

Hardcore Dark Elixir Protection Town Hall 9 Farming Base

When you maximize the TH9, you'll probably reach a point where you have everything to the fullest, but you're still busy updating your royals and you need tons of Dark Elixir to that. this base will help you as it has one of the toughest Dark Elixir protections possible in Town Hall 9.

 farm th9 dark elixir protection 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base design.

The attacking troops will be channeled outwards and away from your Dark Elixir that is also protected by your defending heroes. The lower part has an additional security function with the Tesla farm in front of the Town Hall.

Gold and Elixir Protection Farm Base TH9

This TH9 Farm Base here protects your Gold and Elixir, especially against Giant + X combinations such as GiBarch, GiWiz or GiValk.

 Protective Culture Base Gold & Elixir th9 2018

Click on the image or here to download this design from the base or watch some defensive reps here.

The tanks will be soaked through the outer compartments while they will suffer heavy damage and will be extinguished soon enough so that your defenses will knock down the rest of the army. This base should normally protect at least half of its stores against an attacker 🙂

Hybrid Farm Base Town Hall 9

In general, the cultivation bases tend to give stars too easily for attackers who are stars and maintain a certain League is extremely important for agriculture, so here is the hybrid agriculture base that can also gain defenses for you and still protect your booty at a certain point.

 th9 agriculture hybrid design basis th9

Click on the image or here to download this base design.

the layer between the outer compartments and the core compartments adds additional security to channel troops to the sides instead of going to the center.

Send your base!

If you have a large base that fits here, do not hesitate to send it to me by email ([email protected]), I'll verify it and you could also include it here with credits for you as a designer base 🙂

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