The 5 Best Free Online Dog Training Courses to Teach Your Pup New Tricks

You just adopted a new dog, but you don't know how to train it. Maybe you even considered hiring a dog trainer for your rebel puppy. Fortunately, you don't have to turn to a professional to do the training when you can do it yourself.

If you have no idea where to start, that's fine. These free online canine training courses will help you teach your dog some new tricks without breaking the bank.

Leerburg University is an online school dedicated to dog training. While most of its courses cost money, it offers a beginner class: "How we handle dogs in our home".

The course is taught by Ed Frawley, owner of Leerburg University. He is an experienced dog trainer with decades of experience. In other words, you can expect to learn a lot from your lectures.

The course focuses on the best ways to integrate a puppy in your home. When you bring a dog to your home for the first time, you will almost always find behavioral problems. Whether your puppy chews shoes, bites or is out of control with the leash, you can always work with your dog to solve these problems.

Frawley reviews the solutions for almost every dog ‚Äč‚Äčtraining problem he may encounter. A series of 69 videos is divided into for a total of approximately three hours.

 Wagfield Academy free dog training course

Wagfield Academy offers three free courses that you can take advantage of. The goal of the academy is to provide affordable dog training, and that is exactly what it does. You have to register on the site to start taking the courses, but it's worth it.

If you have a new puppy, you should start by taking Puppy 101. Here you can find information about everything from box training, home training, walking on a leash and much more. Each segment is accompanied by a video, written instructions, as well as useful tips. You can also take a questionnaire that assesses your knowledge of what you have learned.

Once your dog reaches adulthood, you must tune into the Wagfield Academy course entitled The Basics. Start by helping him teach your dog to listen and end with the best ways to socialize your dog. If your dog has a bad habit of escaping, you may want to think about getting a GPS tracker for your dog

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and perfecting the teaching of those listening skills. Although some of these segments only include articles, it is still a very useful course.

Wagfield Academy also offers Resue Refresher, which is specifically for untrained dogs that just rescued. However, these courses are identical to those of the Puppy 101 course.

 American Kennel Club Free Dog Training

The AKC is a purebred pedigree registry and is best known for its extravagant dog . sample. Even if you don't want to show your dog, you can benefit by reading the section Training on your site.

Most of the content of this section is in the form of detailed articles. . However, you can choose to filter content only by videos. Just keep in mind that there are only a handful of training videos, and most of them have to do with training your dog for agility shows and competitions.

Despite the lack of videos, the AKC still gives you many useful training tips. Most articles offer detailed instructions on how to handle certain situations with your dog.

For example, the article entitled "Dog-only time: how much is too much?" Informs you about the appropriate amount of socialization for your dog, and Signs of separation anxiety. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, you can find items suitable for your needs.

 Blue Cross Free Dog Training Course online

Blue Cross of the United Kingdom has a full section on its website dedicated to dog advice. This section not only includes training tips, but also contains dozens of articles related to dog care, health, pet attacks and more. It is a great resource for dog owners for the first time, or for anyone who has difficulty solving the behavior problems of their pets.

The subcategory Training and games has the tools you need to train your dog. Each article provides easy-to-follow solutions for common training problems.

You can learn anything from the basics of playing with your dog, going to the bathroom to your puppy or the adult dog, the best ways to train your puppy and how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.

You will notice that some articles are also accompanied by videos. These short videos give you a deeper understanding of what is written, so be sure to watch them!

 Puppy breeding course Free training for dogs

You can find thousands of useful courses in Udemy, including some that belong to dog training. This specific course is completely free and comes with several conferences to help you better understand dogs and training in general.

As you can see in its title, "Puppy breeding course to regain independence", the course has been specifically designed for a non-profit organization called Recovering Independence.

Although the course is intended to help volunteers train and breed service dogs, it is still beneficial for anyone raising a puppy.

As you are not a volunteer in the organization, you can skip the first introductory segment of the course. Start in the segment titled "Understand the dog's behavior". Knowing why your dog has certain instinctive habits can help you in the training process.

From there, you can proceed to watch the actual training videos. It addresses everything from common puppy problems to the fundamentals of socialization. The last segment of the course has to do with your dog's daily behavior, including feeding and leash manners.

Simple and cheap dog training

After taking all these free canine training courses, you will soon become an amateur dog trainer. These courses cover almost everything you need to know about your puppy and provide a solid foundation for you to begin training. Remember that you don't need to have a puppy to start training either, older dogs still have hope!

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