The 10 most intelligent animals on the planet

People are pretty smart, don't you think? We put a man on the moon. We invented Slim Jims. Water parks are also an amazing human creation. But before you get everything on your high horse, let's not forget that we share a planet with a lot of smart animals. For example, lemurs are smart. Not really. But they have strange eyes and two languages, that's all. Goats? Geese? Owl-barn? We will not talk about them. In any case, before this article gets out of control, let's go back on the road and look at the top 10 smart animals in the world.

10. Octopuses
Listen, guys. We understand that octopuses are selfish animals. I mean, who needs eight legs? Can't they donate a couple of them to snakes or something else? But they are also much smarter than you can read for them. It was found that they have excellent personalities, have basic problem-solving skills and even have fun when they are bored. Stupid look? Yes. Clever? You betcha!

9. Pigeons
Pigeons are often called "rats with wings." But note this: apart from the Rhesus monkey, pigeons are the only non-humans with abstract mathematical abilities. They can also recognize individuals with their faces, which is impressive. I mean, can you recognize individual pigeons by their faces? I did not think!

8. Dogs
I really want dogs to be higher on this list. I love my dogs (Mr. Toby, Mr. Boo and Mr. Logan, if you are interested). But let's face it: they are anthills. They are still pretty smart. They naturally train easily, can study up to 165 words and understand human non-verbal signals better than any other member of the animal world. They also show compassion and many traits that are practically human.

7. Raven
Ravens are full trolls for cats, guys. Just look at a few YouTube videos and you'll understand what I mean. They are extremely smart. They can solve problems, and there is even a story about a girl in Seattle who feeds crows and receives gifts as a token of gratitude. Crows can also distinguish between "friendly" and "hostile" human faces. I'm almost sure that I will fall into the same category.

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