The powerful application of Android Tasker automation changed hands to joaomgcd in the summer, and continues to go from strength to strength . The latest version takes it to version 5.5, and there are a number of additions that include better import / export functionality, Google Drive integration and custom configuration monitoring.

TaskerNet is the new repository for sharing actions, profiles and projects. and the import has been made incredibly easy. Now it is possible to make manual or automatic backups with Google Drive, as well as the convenient loading of files. The new custom event and status configuration features allow you to react to any configuration change on your device with an automated action. Take a look at all the important new features below:

  • Automation for all: several new features, such as easy import and launch tasks when importing, make the import of existing projects very simple, that allows everyone to use Tasker. Demonstration.
  • TaskerNet : a place to share and import prefabricated Tasker things. Demonstration.
  • Custom configuration monitoring : react to any changes to your phone in the new Custom settings Event and State . Demonstration.
  • Google Drive upload file : Upload and share files in Google Drive. Demo
  • Google Drive Backup : Daily automatic Google Drive backup of your Tasker data. Demonstration of the restoration of Google Drive data.
  • Data backup action : Tasker action to enable data backup locally and optionally in Google Drive
  • Screen size : change the size of your screen, making the Applications look bigger or smaller Demonstration.
  • NFC : toggle NFC on your device
  • Status bar icons : hide or show icons on your status bar. Demonstration.
  • Rotational force : make the screen rotate and remain rotated in a certain direction. Demonstration.
  • Ping : Verify connectivity and latency to a remote network host
  • Support multiple SIM cards in sending SMS : Optionally, select a SIM to send an SMS with
  • Report Failure : When Tasker crashes, a notification will be generated so that the user can report the blocking directly to the developer

There is also something more than that, so be sure to check the entire change log. You can upgrade to version 5.5 on Play Store or download it from APK Mirror (Play Store version / direct purchase version).