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What are TaoTronics Bluetooth headsets?

The Bluetooth headphones with descriptive name TaoTronics aim to offer buyers budget access to wireless and ANC (active noise cancellation) functions traditionally seen in more expensive games.

They do not do much to differentiate themselves from competing games, like the KitSound Immerse Wireless, but if you're looking for a bargain, you'll have a hard time finding better wireless headphones above the ears for less than £ 60. [19659004] But, like all headphones at this price, the return on investment you get by spending even a little more is palpable.

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TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset – Design

The TaoTronics have a nice unpretentious design. The totally black set I tried feels more expensive and well made than other budget units. The metallic finish and the clipping of the cups give these headphones a slightly more exclusive look than the KitSound Immerse. The quality of the compilation is also better.

 TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset

However, any pretense that these are premium headphones falls quickly the moment you put them on. The band and synthetic leather have a plastic feel that quickly becomes sticky when sweat is found.

They are also easily scraped. A few days after sitting in my bag, the cups had already picked up a couple of brands. Fortunately, a case for protection is included, as long as you have space in your bag. The fact that you can not change the memory foam pads will prevent its long-term use, despite the case.

The TaoTronics Bluetooth headset marks all the appropriate boxes in terms of fit and functionality. The easy-to-use volume up and down buttons are located in the right cup, with a convenient switch for ANC (active noise cancellation) in the left cup. Below you will find a 3.5mm connector and a micro-USB charging port.

For a set of headphones at this price, including any form of ANC is impressive. But before getting too excited, keep in mind that the ANC is significantly less powerful than you would find even in moderately more expensive games, like the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2.

Works well for low level noise: sitting on my balcony, Significantly reduced the volume of traffic below. But if you are looking for a pair of headphones to block noise in a train or plane, it would be better to invest in a more expensive set. The ANC was not good enough to block the background noise of the London Underground, and it was completely useless on a long-distance flight.

Apart from the quality, the headphones offer a reasonable fit and seal. The memory foam pads and headband are comfortable and, unlike the KitSound, they are not too tight. The seal is solid and offers reasonable noise isolation, even with ANC off.

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 TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset – Sound Quality

You are unlikely to get the sound quality of a pair of headphones in the price support of TaoTronics. Each set we have tried offers an acceptable quality, at best, for casual listeners. This is still true for the TaoTronics Bluetooth headset.

The tonal balance is not terrible. When listening to classic rock, no part of the sound dominated any other. The low rumbling bass occasionally wandered, but it was not pronounced enough to drown out the mid-range rhythm guitar or attack drum parts.

However, in general, the sound lacks dynamism. Attacking the flaws of the punk guitar and vertical post-rock crescendos was deficient in energy and the changes in volume were not as pronounced as in moderately more expensive sets. The difference was particularly noticeable when I compared them with the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2s.

Like all the headphones I've tried at this price, the stereo image is also virtually non-existent. In general, the sound was quite flat.

Being fair to TaoTronics, these problems will be evident with most in-ear headphones below £ 100, however, the audio quality is probably good for casual listeners. This is simply something that music fans on the hunt should keep in mind.

 TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset

Why buy the TaoTronics Bluetooth headset?

If you're a casual music listener looking for a pair of affordable over-ears with basic ANC, TaoTronics Bluetooth is a decent option.

The audio quality is on par with most other sets of £ 100 and ANC, although it is not powerful enough to withstand noise noises – it is capable of drowning minor disturbances. The build quality is also excellent for an affordable set of over-ears, making these a solid option for people who travel regularly.


The TaoTronics Bluetooth is a solid choice for people looking for a set of affordable over-ear, wireless headsets with basic ANC. Just do not expect killer audio quality.

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