Stone Slammer & Bat Spell! Clash of Clans December 2018 Update Ticker

Winter is knocking on the door and, as always, there will also be an update before Christmas in Clash of Clans and this ticker will keep you updated with what's coming.

In this UPDATED FREQUENTLY Article, I will put all the important things (rumors, my opinion and, of course, official statements) to offer you a good overview of what will come in the update December 2018 especially those who do not. spend the hours in the official forum and on Reddit.

Clash of clans Update December 2018

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Balance Changes (December 7, 2018)

Builder Base will see some minor balance changes in the December 2018 update:

  • Cannon Cart
    • DPS reduced by 15%
    • Third cannon car unlocked at level 10
  • Baby Dragon
  • Super PEKKA
  • Upgrade times were reduced for Base Builder troops
  • Gem Mine Level 3 available in Builder Hall 3

These changes could make some changes to the target for Builder Hall 8, where Cannon Carts and Super PEKKA are the most used composition. next to Drop Ship and Minions.

Personally I would have liked to reduce the upgrade costs more than the other updates of the left troop until the Builder Hall 9 is released in 2019, but the walls are very expensive in Level 8 … [19659002] There was a lot snow and a lot of words regarding the mornings, Sneak Peek, so I hope the new troop gets its & # 39; preview ?

Improvements in the troop bar (December 7, 2018)

If you use a Army that consists of many different troops, you may know the problem that moving around the troop bar can be annoying. For that reason, Supercell will have a new option in the update that will allow you to change the troop bar so as not to scroll and show all the troops. However, this design will take a large part of your screen.

 new scroll bar clash claw update

But you can still use the old scroll bar.

What do you think? ? Will you use the new design or will you stick to the displacement troop bar?

The next information will be tomorrow, so we have all day to discuss this in comments comments

Stone Slammer – New siege engine (December 6, 2018)

Well, after what we've seen in previous images, it is not the biggest surprise that we have a new Siege Machine, but now we have some details about it.

 stone slammer level 3 [19659002] It's called Stone Slammer and it's basically a huge balloon that points to the defenses (not primarily to City Hall) and throws stones while transporting troops from Castle Clan.

Also, it will also do a lot of damage to the walls, as you can see. Then, what makes it a great addition to ground attacks.

I think this will be a great help to knock down certain defenses and great support by accumulating a lot of damage as well.

 stone slammer Coc New Siege Machine

The next preview will be Saturday, but maybe we can find more information on the new videos today. I will keep you updated ?

Sneak Peek Tomorrow (December 5, 2018)

Ok, on "Thursday, get ready for ROCK" It was not the announcement of the release date. Today we will not see a Sneak Peek, but tomorrow there will be more.

Meanwhile, let me filter a new Siege Machine:

New Troop and Giga Tesla Level 6 (December 4, 2018)

The good thing about the videos that were released along with the Sneak Peeks is that there are always leaks for the following Sneak Peeks.

This time we can be pretty sure that there will be a new troop that looks a lot like an Ice Golem and a new look for the Dark Barracks.

There will also be a new Level for the Tesla Giga at City Hall 12:

Unlock on Thursday or not? (December 4, 2018)

The last sentence in Sneak Peek # 2 is a bit confusing:

I would normally say that this means we will see the update on Thursday, but this would mean that the update December would be rather small.

So, there are two options if you ask me:

  1. Tomorrow we will see the details of the balance changes announced for the December update and the update will be done on Thursday
  2. We will not see any Sneak Peek tomorrow and the next Sneak Peek will be on Thursday and it has something to do with the rocks (spelled in capital letters, it would be a kind of Darians humor)

I really hope that the update will be more than just the new spell and the new magic items, but the last update was not so long ago and it was very big with the Clan War Leagues, so it's probably 50:50 …

Bat Spell (December 4, 2018) [19659009] We get a new spell in the December Update, the spelling of bats. It works much like Skeleton Spell, but bats fly.

You can unlock it in Town Hall 10 and generate up to 27 bats when upgrading to level 5.

 bat spell in action [19659002] Now many here might think that this spell is probably useless since the Spell Skeleton never became the goal of the game since it was introduced a year and a half ago. Bats can be very useful to distract the defenses that will attack the air units and also ignore the walls.

Looking forward to test them with confidence ?

Obstacle of Fighting Stars (December 3, 2018)

Not directly related to the December update, but with the global release of the last Supercell game, Brawl Stars, on December 12 we will also see a special obstacle also in Clash of Clans:

2 New Magical Items (December 3, 2018)

We will get 2 new magic items as advertised before, and I really like them!

Hero Potion

Add a level of +5 to your heroes for 1 hour (the maximum level is the maximum level for your town hall)

Obstacle Bar

This can give you the opportunity to move an obstacle at its base, like a Christmas tree or other seasonal obstacle. How long do we wait for this? I am very happy about that, especially because the witch hat of this year's Halloween Event was placed rather badly on my base …

 obstacle course

Changes in the stock of items Magical (November 22, 2018)

Darian just announced in the official forum that with the December update you will not be able to accumulate magic items beyond their limit through events.

I'm not sure if this will also count for value pack purchases as he specifically mentioned only events (and most offers only make sense with several books).

Reddit AMA with Darian (November 20, 2018)

Yesterday Darian got on a quick post from AMA (like me, nothing) on ​​Reddit and provided a lot of information about the next update and also Builder Base and Clouds on 2019.

Here I have the important information for you, divided into news about the December Update and the next updates in 2019:

December Update:

  • The December update will be for Main Village, including some swing changes
  • the teasers of the first update should come out "next week"
  • Siege machines will get "a new love" (could it be a swing or perhaps a new machine? siege?)
  • we obtain seasonal troops and events like the last years
  • new Magical Objects
  • more to come that have not been explicitly specified [19659] 017] 2019 Updates: [19659010] A solution for clouds in Legend League in the first half of 2019
  • Launch of Builder Hall 9 in the first half of 2019
  • Planning to add a new game to the Base of Constructors, as well as clan participation
  • Supercell is planning in advance for TH13, TH14 +; however, they are not sure if there will be a new level of City Council every year, but it seems we will see TH13 in 2019
  • The new Goblin maps have just been the beginning, there are plans to release more maps by 2019 [19659012] Clan War Leagues will have a fixed schedule
  • … and probably much more

So, what I got out of this is that the December Update will not be a big game change but it will include many things and Great updates for the first half of 2019.

The thread is quite long, but if you want to read the whole conversation, you can do it here.

Christmas tree 2018 with leaks (November 17, 2018)

With each December update we also get a Christmas tree as a seasonal obstacle, if you want to know how it will look, there will be good news. The tree has already been leaked:

 clash of clans christmas tree 2018

A good way to start this new ticker update if you ask me ?

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