Square Enix’s Avengers game looks like Destiny with superheroes

Square Enix's Avengers The game has been in production for a few years, but what you need to show so far is a canned demo of a much more skeptical game tutorial than it's impressive. But at the New York Comic Con, Square Enix took a fresh look at Avengers . This is more than just expensive with the popular Marvel movie.

First, the news. The company today announced the sixth playable hero available for launch at the NYCC panel. Marvel (aka Kamala Khan) is actually the hero of Avengers and reclaims the team. Together to face new threats. Marvel Games also announced the release date of the PSVR exclusive Iron Man VR which will be available on February 28 next year. More importantly, Square Enix showed more of the actual "game" part of Avengers . I had to do two separate demos that were fundamentally different in how they represented the game.

The first is a slightly expanded version of the tutorial sequence of Avengers with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics E3 and Gamescom. It's colorful, cinematic and depicts the catastrophic events of “A-Day”, hindering the rest of the game. This sequence allows the player to control 5 of the 6 heroes at the start to get a taste of the basics of how each hero plays. But as a showcase for the game, it's terrible. It's entirely on rails, and fast time events take the place of related gameplay.

More problematic is that at least each hero in the tutorial feels similar. Both the animation and the behavior are different, but each plays almost identically when limited to predesigned set pieces. Like Iron Man, jets certainly have a thrill, but Hulk's smashing isn't much different from Cap's shield bang. Fortunately, that wasn't the case with the second demo. This game is the newly released sixth hero Ms. Combat training module centered on Marvel. It allowed me to freely control the stretching hero to take off the training wheels and hit me my way through the army of Android. It feels like what Kamala expects when actually reading a cartoon, and the battle is really fun.

The best metaphor for battle is still the most recent God of War game. There is a light attack / heavy strike / ranged attack setup with a special “hero” action that players can choose from. On-time cooldown. (For Mr. Marvel, this is the healing rupture, hitting the enemy's flat palm, and her signature “& # 39; embiggen & # 39; to make Marvel extra large and do more damage.) Marvel also has a separate meter There is. A temporary "scalability" that allows you to strengthen certain attacks by pressing the trigger button when she attacks. Final results, such as Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4, were felt in terms of how well they captured the match as a specific hero. The real question is whether Square Enix can replicate that feat to other heroes outside the tutorial.

Square Enix finally previewed character customization at NYCC, another major component of the game. There are essentially three parts to constructing a hero: appearance, items and skills.

Cosmetic is the easiest way to understand. Skins for how each character looks in the game. Square Enix says that it has no impact on gameplay at all, and is working in a unique and varied style inspired by Marvel's decades of comics. (We also won't stick to the default off-brand MCU design for the entire game.) Among the previewed skins are King Thor outfit, Joe Fixit Hulk, classic costume from Captain America, Iron Man & # 39; s Original Sin ”suit. Some skins can be unlocked for free within the game, while others will be sold for real money.

Here is the equipment you've played the same game as Destiny . Each item has a "Gear Level" and a color-coded rareness, with certain perks that enhance or enhance your hero's abilities. You'll need to unlock perks using a variety of in-game resources (similar to the planetary materials in Destiny ), and a set of gears with certain perks can rise together. This game is amazingly similar to RPG. Enemies, players, and missions all have numeric levels, and The Avengers are not ashamed to deal great damage to attacks. There was no opportunity to try out the gear system on your own, but gathering gear and optimizing the machine seems to be a big part of Avengers .

Lastly unlockable technology. Each hero has a different skill tree with different abilities that players can unlock and equip using skill points. (For example, Iron Man has melee, repulser, laser, and rocket skill trees.) Also, players can choose from a variety of "hero" special abilities.

Combine all of this theoretically, you can create different versions of the same hero. For example, one developer preferred to build Thor as a crowd control character, focusing on effect attacks and equipment that could give faster cooldowns. Another has chosen a closer path, with an emphasis on melee damage and defense.

The developer also provided details about the game structure. The Avengers have two types of missions. Single Player Exclusive "Hero Mission" is a traditional story mission designed for specific heroes. The company said that the Iron Man level will be a wide open space with space to fly, and the Hulk level will highlight the terrain that can be destroyed.

There are also Warzone levels where you can choose a hero from the player, play solo or online with a friend. Focus on securing resources and equipment. Or Destiny To borrow the parable again, the Warzone map is a more playable hit if the hero mission is at the story-driven campaign level of Destiny . Missions are selected on the map, down to a level similar to Destiny down to the recommended level and possible equipment rewards.

Square Enix has many promises here and there are still many parts Unanswered questions. We don't know what cooperative gameplay looks like or how it works with other heroes. The company has promised that future heroes and regions will be free and don't want a "power-paying" scenario, but there's still no mention of how paid DLC will look outside the available skins. There is no public gameplay about what a story mission looks like and how it works.

Square Enix promised to be Avengers in the years after its release, but we don't. When it comes out in May, or how much content is available in the actual game, or Destiny The Division National Anthem all appear to be an important part of this live service game. Shredded Fortunately, months remain before the release date of May 15, 2020, is promising, and Square Enix is ​​working on or already having answers to many of these questions. But now Avengers is as ambitious as the $ 1 billion blockbuster of the same name. In fact, you will know as soon as possible.

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