Spotify Wrapped 2018 Reveals Your Streaming Habits

Spotify knows what music you like. Yes, even those guilty pleasures that you only hear when there is no one closer. And as the first Christmas gift, the music streaming service has compiled everything you know about your musical journey until 2018.

Spotify Wrapped offers you a personalized look of your streaming habits until 2018. You can discover how many hours you spent listening to Spotify, your genres, favorite artists and songs, and much more. Everything customized for you.

How to watch your Spotify Wrapped for 2018

To see your year in music for 2018, visit and connect with Spotify. This only means logging into your account and giving permission for 2018 Wrapped to access your account. So, make sure you're on the right website first.

Once you have connected your account, Spotify will begin to tell. all about your transmission habits until 2018. So if you pretend to be a metalhead when you actually prefer Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder before discovering:

  • The first song that You listened to 2018.
  • How many minutes did you spend listening to Spotify.
  • How many hours did you spend with your favorite artist?
  • Your best artists, songs and genres of music.
  • Your 100 best songs of 2018 (in a playlist).
  • Your favorite musical subgenre.
  • The oldest song you heard in 2018.
  • The podcasts you heard between the songs.
  • The songs that Spotify thinks will help you expand your Horizons.

Spotify makes it clear that it is a personalized experience designed for each individual user. Which means that your Wrapped could differ from mine. This will depend on the type of account you have and how you use Spotify. However, it is fascinating, however.

Your listening habits are no longer so secret

Spotify Wrapped has become something of an annual tradition now. And it's fascinating to see your listening habits in such simple terms. And although we want the transmission service to solve these common problems of Spotify

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Does Spotify not work? How to solve 8 common problems of Spotify

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We hope that Wrapped is back in 2019.

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