Southwest Passenger 'Did What Any Registered Nurse Would Do' In Attempt To Save Woman

During a moment of complete panic and chaos, passengers and crew aboard a Southwest Airlines flight joined in an attempt to save an injured passenger when the plane's engine exploded in the air. Among them was retired nurse Peggy Phillips who did "what any registered nurse would do," he told ABC News Good Morning America .

Shortly after taking off from LaGuardia Airport in New York, passengers heard a terrifying explosion that caused the plane to shake violently. Phillips saw that the commotion came from several ranks behind her. When she heard someone calling someone trained in CPR, she immediately went into action.

The woman in trouble was the mother of two children of Jennifer Riordan, 43 years old. The window she was sitting on was broken by the remains of the engine explosion, causing it to be partially sucked out of the plane. The passengers rushed and managed to stop her again. Phillips, along with an emergency medical technician on board, put Riordan on the floor and started administering CPR.

For 20 exhausting minutes, and even during the aircraft's emergency landing in Philadelphia, Phillips and the EMT continued to perform CPR. Unfortunately, their efforts did not help. Later, Riordan was pronounced dead at the hospital. A spokesman for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health said the cause of death was a blunt impact on the head, neck and torso.

Although Southwest had not yet confirmed exactly how Riordan died, Phillips put into perspective what she believes happened. "If you can imagine yourself going through the window of an airplane at about 600 miles per hour and hitting the fuselage or the wing with your body, with your face, then I think I can probably tell you that there was significant trauma," he said. an interview with WFAA-TV.

The incident continues to be investigated. The airline team together with the passengers are praised for their quick actions and efforts.

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