Just a few weeks after launching its Android P testing program for Xperia XZ2 devices, Sony has made the second beta version available for download. It is available by air for those who already use Android P Beta 1, and it comes with a lot of important solutions.

Unless you have a Google smartphone, you generally have to wait a long time for the phone manufacturer to release the latest version of Android. But some, like Sony, are kind enough to offer beta testing programs that allow you to take action early. If you have an Xperia XZ2 device with model numbers H8216, H8266 or H8296, you can download Android P now.

The first beta version was available for several weeks, but now Sony offers Android P Beta 2. It includes everything you would expect from the latest Google software, including enhanced notifications, autocomplete enhancements, a catalog of new emojis and more . Sony also confirms that it has fixed the following errors that caused problems in the Beta 1 version:

  • Small difference in the maximum volume vs. minimum during the call
  • The microphone stops working
  • The wireless load in XZ2 is not fully recognizes
  • SD cards formatted with exFAT are not recognized
  • The night light does not activate properly when using setting from sunrise to sunrise
  • GPS does not work in some units
  • 4G + may cause the modem crashes
  • The Hotspot / Wifi Hotspot makes the system unstable

If you are already running the first beta version of Android P on your Xperia XZ2 phone, you can download the second one over the air now. Otherwise, you must register to access the beta version through the Sony website.