Sony Drops the Price of PlayStation Now

A PlayStation Now subscription is becoming cheaper, with Sony lowering the price worldwide. Along with the new cheaper price, Sony is also adding new games designed to make PlayStation Now a more attractive prospect for PS4 owners.

PlayStation Now is Sony's video game streaming service. For a flat rate, you get access to the catalog of games you can play at no additional cost. For more information, here are the differences between PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Plus

What are Playstation Vue, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus?

What are Playstation Vue, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus?

Interested in PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now or PlayStation Plus? Let's see what each of these does.
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How much does PlayStation Now cost?

PlayStation Now has been around since 2014, and although it has its fans, a combination of a high price, an average catalog of games and the need for a solid and fast Internet connection has slowed it down. However, PlayStation Now is now getting cheaper.

Sony announced the movement in a PlayStation Blog post. The company said PlayStation Now is offered at "a more attractive price that is comparable to other entertainment streaming services on the market." Like Google Stadia, for example.

Here are the new PlayStation Now prices in different regions:

  • United States: $ 9.99 / month, $ 24.99 / quarter, $ 59.99 / year.
  • Canada: $ 12.99 / month, $ 34.99 / quarter, $ 79.99 / year.
  • The EU: € 9.99 / month, € 24.99 / quarter, € 59.99 / year.
  • United Kingdom: £ 8.99 / month, 22.99 / quarter, £ 49.99 / year.
  • Japan: ¥ 1,180 / month, ¥ 2,980 / quarter, ¥ 6,980 / year.

For comparison, here are the previous PlayStation Now prices:

  • United States: $ 19.99 / month, $ 44.99 / quarter, $ 99.99 / year.
  • Canada: $ 19.99 / month, $ 44.99 / quarter, $ 99.99 / year.
  • The EU: € 14.99 / month, € 99.99 / year.
  • United Kingdom: £ 12.99 / month, £ 84.99 / year.
  • Japan: ¥ 2,500 / month, ¥ 5,900 / quarter.

In addition to lowering the price of PlayStation N Now, Sony is adding more games to its catalog. The company has pledged to add "the most played and critically acclaimed PS4 games," starting with God of War, GTA V, Uncharted 4 and inFAMOUS Second Son.

PS Now Faces Competition of Google Stadia

Sony did not mention any names when announcing these price cuts. However, we suspect that the impending launch of Google Stadia is weighing heavily on the minds of Sony executives. Stadia will launch on the first devices in November 2019.

As a reminder, Google Stadia

Google reveals Stadia release date, prices, games

Google reveals Stadia's release date, prices, games

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will bring the transmission of games to your smartphone. However, these will not only be mobile games, they will be full titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. So it is not surprising that Sony is a little nervous.

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