Samsung’s record profit run ends after reportedly slow Galaxy S9 sales

Samsung Electronics has reported record earnings for each quarter in the last year, but it appears that the execution has come to an end. The company has just published a profit of 14.8 trillion won ($ 13.2 billion) in operating profits of 58 trillion won ($ 51.8 billion) in revenues for the second quarter, which would represent a drop of 0.7 percent in sales and an 11 percent increase in profits. Last quarter, Samsung made gains of 15.64 trillion won with revenues of 60.56 trillion won, the strongest results in history.

Analysts speaking in Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal say that the poor sales of the Galaxy S9 have weighed on Samsung's results in the second quarter; According to reports, the lowest of all Samsung flagship phones was sold from the Galaxy S3, with expected shipments of 31 million units this year. It is said that the Galaxy S7 2016 was Samsung's biggest success, selling approximately 50 million units.

Things may get better for Samsung later in the year, but sales of OLED panels may disappoint. It is reported that Apple expects a new 6.1-inch LCD-based iPhone to offset a larger proportion of sales on its line this year, and is said to bring LG Display on board as an alternative OLED provider for the iPhone X models, which would have the potential to limit Samsung's ability to sell panels and charge a premium.

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