Samsung Internet is a popular alternative to Google Chrome on Android, and not only because it is sent on all Samsung devices. It does a lot of things well and its developers quickly introduce new features. The latest stable channel update takes it to v7.4 and offers some improvements over v7.2.

We saw some of these new additions in version 7.4 Beta, including a new reading mode, support for Samsung Smart Scan Authentication and a better Download History section. If you are in the USA There are also some other new things.

First is Quick Suggest, a personal shopping assistant that presents related articles, offers and reviews based on what you are viewing. It also includes the same rebate offers enjoyed by Samsung Pay users. Do not worry, it's off by default, but you can turn it on by going to Menu > Extensions and enable Quick Tip .

The other important new feature is News Push, which serves automatic notifications for the latest news from sources such as CNN, Reuters and BBC News. You will be directed to the Samsung news site to read the articles in a clean, ad-free environment. This is also an optional feature, so go to Menu > Privacy and enable "Receive news notification" if you want to activate it. New users will be offered as part of the configuration process.

You can download the Samsung Internet v7.4 update from the Play Store; alternatively, we also have it in APK Mirror. The Beta channel of the application has already been updated to version 8.2, with improvements such as faster file downloads and a privacy option Do not track among those being tested.

  Samsung Internet Browser
  Samsung Internet Browser