Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 first look: Are Android tablets back?

First look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Make Android tablets interesting again?

It's been a while since there was an Android tablet that was worth getting excited about. But a week before seeing the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it is the Galaxy Tab S4 that could finally make interesting tablets again.

Price Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The price starts at £ 599 / $ 649 for the 64GB model, with an extra £ 50 that makes up for the LTE version. If you are in the USA UU., Expect to see the LTE version later in the year. The "Book Cover" keyboard costs an additional £ 119 / $ 149.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 release date

UK pre-orders for the S4 Tab will begin on August 9. Arrive early and pack the keyboard case for free. In the United States, the tablet will be available as of August 10.

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  Galaxy Tab S4

Like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, the Tab S4 points to the top. This is an expensive and high level list that you want to face face to face with the iPad Pro 10.5.

He has the skills to be a fantastic multimedia machine, but in reality he wants to be much more than that. The optional keyboard addition of £ 119 / $ 149 (this will be free if you place an order in advance, which is a nice touch) opens the Dex interface, which presents you with a device that looks a lot like a traditional laptop. [19659011] Dex was first introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S8 as a way to connect the phone to a monitor through a £ 99 wharf. Despite being a good idea, all the parts needed to make it work made it It seemed more complicated than it was worth.

It's a different story in Tab S4, although since Dex is primarily a windowed interface, it has features similar to Windows and Chrome OS. You can open tabs in resizable windows, there is a shortcut bar at the bottom, and you make better use of the 10.5 inch screen.

Going back to the traditional Android home screen after a game on Dex seemed to take a step back.

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  Galaxy Tab S4

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While the Tab S3 was designed similar to an iPad, with an aspect ratio of 4: 3, the S4 has a wider 16:10 screen. This makes it a longer and narrower tablet.

When it is docked on the keyboard, this makes a lot of sense; There is more space to play. However, remove it from the keyboard and it feels strange. This is a device designed primarily for use in horizontal orientation and therefore felt strange in the portrait. It is simply too long and narrow to comfortably move through a web page or to read a book.

The screen itself is simply beautiful. After only a few minutes of watching an HDR demo video on the Super AMOLED panel, they sold me. Colors come out of the screen, blacks are pure; It is very immersive. While I'm a fan of the screen on the iPad Pro, this could be in another league.

If you have used any recent phone or tablet from Samsung, then you probably do not need to tell you that this device is designed very well. The back of the glass is smooth, with curved sides that make the tablet comfortable to hold. The frame surrounding the screen has been minimized, giving it a more modern look than most Android tablets.

However, one of the victims of this new design is the start button for fingerprint scanning: it has been abandoned in favor of an iris scanner.

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  Galaxy Tab S4

This elegant design does not necessarily continue with the keyboard cover. While the tablet is sleek and modern, the keyboard is certainly more functional and commercial.

Predominantly plastic, it has a wraparound folio cover to protect the screen when it is not in use. The keys are a bit small, but they offer much more travel than the iPad Pro's Intelligent Keyboard. £ 119 seems expensive for this keyboard case, especially since the tablet does not feel so good without it.

At least Samsung includes the excellent S-Pen in the box. This pencil has also received a facelift: it is a little thicker and easier to grip than before. It remains super sensitive, has 4096 levels of sensitivity to pressure; Knock out quick notes and scribbles is great on that big screen. Screen-off Memo makes a jump from the Note series, too, allowing you to doodle directly on the screen when it's off.

There is also an available dock, which adds an environmental user interface that will provide you with weather and calendar appointments along with loading the S4 Tab.

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  Galaxy Tab S4 back

With its screen and design, there is no doubt that the Samsung Tab S4 is a high-end machine. However, things are not so clear with the rest of the specifications.

Powering the device is the Snapdragon 835 last year, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. For a product so focused on multitasking, it would have been nice to see 6 GB of RAM. However, he still seemed perfectly fast during my little time with him, so maybe that will be a complete no problem.

There is a 12 megapixel f / 1.9 camera on the back and an 8 megapixel front camera. They are likely to do the work, but do not expect anything special. Keeping the tablet running there is a 7300mAh battery with Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging technology too.

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Samsung partnered with Dolby for audio, featuring Atmos in all four speakers. In theory, this sounds fantastic, since Atmos should give you a much more immersive sense of audio. In practice, however, it is simply a preset sound that increases the volume.

First impressions

Anything that brings some excitement to Android tablets is welcome, and the Galaxy Tab S4 has a lot to offer. The screen is beautiful, as is the elegant design. The Dex user interface could also finally make Android worthwhile on a larger screen.

However, there are still some doubts. Are 4 GB of RAM really enough for proper multitasking? And, of course, there is the price. £ 599 / $ 649 is at the top end of an Android tablet, and if you add the £ 119 / $ 149 keyboard to it, it looks like a pretty expensive kit.

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