Roku Now Offers Free Episodes of Popular Shows

Roku now offers a selection of free episodes of its Premium Subscriptions programs. Which means you can try shows like On Becoming a God in Central Florida, Godfather of Harlem and America The Story of Us without paying a penny.

Roku offers premium subscriptions

The Roku channel is the host of a wide range of free content, but Premium subscriptions are also available for those willing to pay for the privilege. These premium subscriptions include HBO, EPIX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, History Vault and Acorn TV.

In August 2019, HBO launched a site called Recommended by Humans

HBO offers free episodes of programs recommended by humans

HBO offers free episodes of human-recommended shows

Recommended by humans presents video testimonials of HBO shows, movies and documentaries. Some of which you can watch for free.
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. This recommends shows, movies and documentaries based on user opinions. And some of this content is available to watch for free with the hope that it will then subscribe.

Try free premium content on Roku

Roku is now doing something similar. As described in a post on The Roku Blog, The Roku Channel now includes a selection of free episodes of shows that are generally only accessible through Premium subscriptions. You will not need a subscription or sign up for a free trial.

Now you can watch free episodes of shows, including About Becoming in a God in Central Florida (SHOWTIME), Godfather of Harlem (EPIX), America The Story of Us (HISTORY Vault), Heartland (Dove Channel) and Miss Fisher & # 39; s Murder Mysteries (Acorn TV), among others.

Register for a premium subscription

While free content is always good, this is obviously not a completely charitable matter. By giving you an idea of ​​some of the programs available through Premium Subscriptions, Roku expects you to register to start a free trial of one or more of them.

However, there is no obligation to register at all, so only do so if a program really appeals to you. And if the idea of ​​paying to watch TV shows and movies makes you sick, here are the best free Roku channels

The best free Roku channels you can't miss

The best free Roku channels you can't miss

These are the best free Roku channels you really shouldn't miss. All come without configuration settings and easy installation.
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everyone should install in their Roku box.

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