As Google Assistant has become more powerful, the configuration has also become more complicated. A new design has been appearing intermittently in recent weeks, but now it seems to be spreading more widely. Curious? We have some screens below.

The old configuration user interface of the Wizard was just a long screen divided into sections for accounts, devices and services. The new configuration page has tabs and the organization is a bit more rational. On the left, you have personal information. That's where you can change your nickname, payment information, etc. Next, there is an assistant. This is where you change the settings of the Assistant's voices, languages, home control and additional Assistant functions. The Services tab has all the settings for devices and services that are connected to Wizard.

You can see what the new configuration screens look like in the image above. Nothing seems out of place, apart from the home control menu. I think I should be in Services instead of Assistant. Be aware of this user interface that will appear on your devices.