Amazon's Alexa application serves as a gateway between users and their smart home devices, such as the recently updated Echo speaker line. Almost a year ago, the application reached 10 million downloads and, shortly after, the company updated it with voice commands. Now an important redesign is being done that brings a new device view that lists all the complementary units on a screen.

The Alexa application updated on iOS with a new design, soon for Android.

The update has already been released to iOS and Amazon users have confirmed that the update of the Android experience will begin to appear in the coming weeks. As seen in the iOS application, the devices are grouped according to the room and can be switched from the same tab. The retailer is also adding communication options to contact contacts, including "Drop In," which can instantly connect you with friends or even your own home.

The previous Alexa application of iOS.

Compared to the previous iteration, the Alexa application is a big step forward in terms of design. Screenshots for the Android application are not currently available, but presumably it would present the same general appearance as its iOS counterpart in Amazon's effort to make its ecosystem easier to use.

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